Did you see that? Great hole-in-one of the disc golf world championship in Ogden

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Disc Golf

James Conrad cracks hole 16 in the fort during the second round of the PDGA World Championships in Ogden, Utah. (Gatekeeper media, YouTube)

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THE COURSE – There are many out there who don’t know much about disc golf – and that’s a shame because it’s great.

I played disc golf for the first time about a year ago and couldn’t get enough of it. I’m not good at it, but I didn’t care because it was fun.

There is something satisfying about throwing discs. It’s not just frisbees, and we’re trying to land them in a metal basket.

It was also nice that I didn’t have to pay to play, unlike real golf which cost all my money and left me penniless and depressed. At disc golf, I had money in my pocket to get a burger, and I didn’t have the existential crisis of figuring out why I spend so much time, effort, and money on a sport that seems to despise me.

If you still don’t think disc golf is cool then I want to share this video with you.

This is disc golfer James Conrad at the Disc Golf World Championships 2021 here in Ogden.

Conrad enters the tee box at the 16th hole and stares down a 319-foot par 3. He collects his thoughts and then dumps. The disc flies perfectly against the majestic backdrop of blue sky and mountains and finally makes its way to the basket. You can feel and hear the excitement of the crowd as they gently become optimistic that they are about to see something amazing. The disc takes an incredible trajectory and bends back around a tree to fall perfectly into the basket.

Disc golf is cool, and I’m not going back from that statement.

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