Disc golfers who put out fires in Modesto Park – CBS Sacramento

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Disc Golf

MODESTO (CBS13) – A group of disc golfers are credited with putting out a fire in a Modesto park.

Around 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, a group of seven disc golfers were finishing a round of disc golf in East La Loma Park when they discovered a fire in the bush on top of a hill.

“I just said ‘Hey, Fire’ and we jumped out of our seats and headed for the field,” said Joshua Murray. His disc golfer colleague Bradley Fulfer is still impressed with the quick response.

“It was the most amazing thing to see – no one had any doubts. Just boom, ”said Fulfer.

The group, also known as Modesto Area Disc Golfers, immediately jumped into action by shouting 9-1-1 and throwing what little water they had into the flames.

Steve Gregg said they made most of the progress by stomping out the fire.

“We just ran over and started stepping on it, stomping on it – trying to create a firebreak and get the brush off,” Gregg said. “A couple of times we all pulled back, thinking we were going to lose control.”

The fire grew rapidly, but thanks to the timely and courageous efforts of these disc golfers, much of the park, and especially the neighboring houses, was not damaged. Modesto firefighters arrived on site and found that the fire had been completely extinguished.

Modesto’s fire chief Alan Ernst called the group heroes.

“It was really heroic,” said Ernst. “Your quick actions helped mitigate a situation that could have been much, much worse.”

City of Modesto Parks director Laurie Smith repeated the same views.

“You were very instrumental in putting out the fire, saving the park and possibly saving some of the houses,” said Smith.

Both Smith and Ernst are working together to ensure these unusual heroes are honored at an upcoming city council meeting.