Flight Factory Opens Disc Golf Retail Store in Pensacola

by | Oct 16, 2021 | Disc Golf

As the appetite for disc golf increases in Pensacola, so do the resources of the sport.

Flight Factory used to be a pure online shop and opened on Saturday at Tippin Ave. 6103, Suite A, his stationary shop. The retail brand’s expansion lasted five years and is a direct reflection of the sport’s rising popularity. said owner Ryan Vann on Monday.

“I’ve been in this ward my whole life,” said Vann, a resident of Pace. “I’ve been online for about five years, but we’ve scaled so much online in the past two years – with the growth of the sport and some strategic partnerships we’ve made – it has made this leap for us.”

Disc golf supplies are on sale during the Flight Factory disc golf store opening on Tippin Avenue on Saturday.

From a huge inventory of the industry leaders in disc brands to custom discs and a wide variety of accessories, Flight Factory aims to improve the performance of every disc golfer who walks into the store.

“We have everything for beginners, children, advanced and professional players. We cover the full range of disc golf discs that you need to play with,” said Vann. “Then there are all the accessories, handle pockets to keep your hands dry, really nice pockets to carry your actual discs.”

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Shoppers visit the Flight Factory disc golf shop on Tippin Avenue in Pensacola during the opening on Saturday.

Then there are the clothes that are designed to keep you looking and staying cool while you compete on one of Pensacola’s many courses.

“If someone is just getting into the sport, someone can come in and get everything they need. We carry everything,” said Vann. “We will order online and pick it up in the store. If someone wants to order online and then pick it up, we think that’s another great feature as we’ve somehow covered both channels. ”

The store also sells practice discs so you can improve your skills off-course as well.

“A lot of people want to set targets in their backyard and practice their putting and other things like this,” Vann said. “We have everything you need to be successful in this sport and get involved in it. We will continue to add products as we grow.”

Flight Factory opened on Saturday at Tippin Ave.  6103, Suite A, opened his stationary store in Pensacola.

Vann, who is president of the Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club, is also the developer of a new golf course just months away from opening in Milton. This course is held on the grounds of the Clyde L. Gracey Community Center at 5629 Byrom St.

As for the new Shop on Tap, Flight Factory will be open four days a week, Thursday through Sunday. It is open on these days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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