Matt is playing disc golf for the first time and he won !?

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Disc Golf

It’s true folks. I am literally a legend among the greatest in the world who ever played the ancient sport of disc golf. Okay, maybe it’s not that I’m that good, it’s that my friends are so bad?

On Saturday morning, my pals Jeremy, Johnny, Josh, and I all headed out for a man’s day. Our first stop was (obviously) at Lisa’s Restaurant for a nice pre-game meal and drink.

Next up was the course! We made our way to Augusta Golf Park ‘Quarry Run’ for an afternoon throwing hard discs at chained baskets. Mind you, none of us have ever really played before. And that was pretty clear around hole number one. Our discs went in all directions except the direction we wanted them to go. I mean, we didn’t even have our own discs. No, had to get rent.

After the first 4 or 5 holes we started to get the hang of it a little. Emphasis on began. I fell at least once, Josh at least once, and Johnny landed deep in a muddy ravine looking for a disc. Yes, it was such an afternoon.

After completing all 18 holes, it was time to return to the clubhouse, return our records, and have a “soda” by the truck while we added up the points. Much to my incredible shock, and assuming Jeremy’s calculations were correct, I finished first at 83. A junk score by professional standards, but a score low enough to beat the 3 henchmen I played against.

Now my dear friends can try to deny this by telling you that I underreported some of the recordings I took, but this is utter nonsense. Who is saying nonsense? What am I, 78? Anyway, don’t think for a second that I’ll ever let the boys live with a useless piece of inathletic junk like me defeating them at disc golf.

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