Pro Disc Golfer Loses It On Official For Calling Violation

by | Oct 24, 2022 | Disc Golf

Long-time disc golf professional Nikko Locastro ended up in hot water a couple weeks back after losing his temper with an official at the European Open in Norway.

Locastro, who is known for being a difficult player on tour, was called for a time violation by an official. Here are the rules in relation to pace of play according to the Professional Disc Golf Association:

A player has taken excessive time if they are present and have not thrown within 30 seconds:

After the previous player has thrown; and,

After they have had a reasonable amount of time to arrive at and determine the lie; and,

After they are next in the throwing order; and,

During which the playing area is clear.

Here’s the clip of Locastro getting called for the infraction. You’ll see why he was disqualified from participating in the remainder of the tournament. His actions are atrocious.

Locastro left the tournament in shame with numerous members of the disc golfing community ridiculing him for attempting to intimidate an official.

Locastro also lost his sponsorship with Clash Discs for his actions.

He posted an apology shortly after the incident to his Instagram page:

Good on the PDGA and Clash Discs for taking the right steps to discipline Locastro for his actions! Attempting to intimidate an official for doing his job is absolutely unacceptable no matter what sport we’re talking about.

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