Test your target on disc golf courses in the Hudson Valley

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Disc Golf

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Conquer the vast fairways of some of the Hudson Valley’s best disc golf courses that take players across streams and mountains.

Many who have become infected with the disc golf virus describe it to beginners as “hiking with a specific goal”. The ever-popular outdoor activity combines frisbee, golf, and elements of some other games into a truly unique sport. Players venture out on long fairways in picturesque locations armed with a collection of small discs that vary in size and weight to accommodate distance and strength. At these local courses, game fans and beginners alike will find exciting terrain. Steep cliffs, thick forests, shimmering water and of course breathtaking views make the Hudson Valley a prime destination for disc golfers.

Beacon clearings

724 Wolcott Ave, beacon

This free 18-hole course was designed by Beacon Disc Golf Club in 2011 and is located in the University Settlement Park. The place used to be used as an overnight camp, so expect breathtaking natural scenery. With 18 holes in mostly wooded surroundings, it has a par 54 for experts and a par 72 for beginners. In addition, two alternative holes allow a 20-hole layout if desired. Hilly terrain and long distance holes make for great training and a nice challenge for more experienced players. Afterward, have a bite to eat at the Beacon or hang out in the park until the sun goes down to enjoy a movie in Story Screen’s pop-up drive-in theater. Follow the Beacon Glades on social media for “Dubs” matches every Wednesday and Sunday.

Brakewell Steel / Warwick Town Park

116 Union Corners Road, Warwick

Actually two disc golf courses in one, this Warwick park offers players the opportunity to navigate 36 holes. Silver marks the shorter haircuts, while blue means longer haircuts. Lovers of the game praise the older course – known as “Animal” – as one of the best in the country. The rolling hills and manicured lawn offer four different layouts with pars from 54 to 67, thanks to two baskets at each hole. The newer Wolfe Woods course, which has recently had new tees and signs installed, has players grappling with a meandering creek and wooded setting. Make sure to track your score on the UDisk app to see where you are on the leaderboards.

Central Park Golf Course

Central Park, Schenectady

Ok, this one is a little out of the valley, but for serious gamers, it’s worth a mention. There is a particularly beautiful 18-hole disc golf course in the Central Park of the city of Schenectady. The extensive path meanders through the park and shows some of the best baseball and tennis courts in the capital region. Cross calm streams, swing past the dog park, and check out the award-winning rose garden, which is home to hundreds of flowers in bloom in the spring. A varied landscape characterizes this course and its wooded fairways make for daunting tee-offs. Blue tees invite seasoned disc golfers, while white tees offer more relaxed play options for beginners.

FDR State Park

2957 Crompond Road, Yorktown Heights

One of the attractions of this Westchester County park is its 18-hole disc golf course. Long distance holes make this course a formidable 8,050 foot play. The layout is similar to a traditional golf course spread over hilly terrain. The players have to be careful not to lose their discs in the nearby lake or mammoth pool, which can accommodate thousands of bathers at the same time. To be successful at FDR State Park, players must find the perfect blend of accuracy and strength. It’s the perfect course to add more distance to drives and reduce a few points from the bottom line. In addition, two DisCatcher baskets at each hole offer opportunities to challenge the precision.

Hackett Hill Disc Golf Course

4383 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park

Hackett Hill in Hyde Park is a favorite among Dutchess County’s disc golfers. Nine fast holes make the game exciting and dynamic, and repeated visits offer new experiences. Five separate hiking trails meander through the course for scenic walks. Brand new tea boxes lift the journey from start to finish.

Kingston Point Disc Golf Course

Kingston Point Park, Kingston

Kingston Point Park’s Disc Golf Course was built in 2019 and is a great choice for beginners. No single hole is longer than 300 feet and most of the landscape is flat. Fast nine holes offer a lot of fun, even for those who have no experience with the game. Bring the family to a small friendly competition while you work your way through manageable obstacles and beautiful scenery.

Mohonk mountain house

Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz

This iconic four season resort in the Shawangunks also has a great disc golf course – why not? In 2011 Mohonk Mountain House added disc golf to its repertoire of free outdoor activities. A total of 18 holes challenge players with a spectrum of natural obstacles, including small cliffs, dense groups of trees and steep hills. Wear good shoes or even walking shoes to tackle this wooded trail, and stop every now and then and take in the beautiful mountain views. If you don’t have a set of brake discs, no problem – buy them in the in-house Wheelworks Bike Shop.

Stonykill Disc Golf Course

488 NY-295, Chatham

The Stonykill Disc Golf Course was founded by members of Discap, the official disc golf community of the capital region. Chatham Course is just minutes from the Taconic State Parkway and has 18 exciting holes. The Front Nine plays shorter and tighter and is a great start for beginners. However, the back 10 leads the players through a newly won gravel mine and offers long, open fairways with challenging obstacles. There are currently plans for another nine that will make the Stonykill 27 fully. Beautiful tees and unforgettable moments like a waterfall at hole 17 make this course a favorite in the Hudson Valley. The passionate community behind it certainly adds to the experience. For a full list of Discap courses, see the interactive sitemap.

Wilcox Memorial Park

Wilcox Memorial Park, Milan

Wilcox is one of the longest disc golf courses in the Hudson Valley, with a playing surface of 9,835 feet. A total of 18 double tee holes open the course for players of all levels. Paths with different height differences offer plenty of challenges; a visit to Wilcox will make you sweat. A whopping 14 holes on the Dan Doyle designed course are over 400 feet long. In addition, many holes have several baskets for more freedom of play. Cool off in the summer months at the sparkling lake on site.

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