World’s largest disc golf tournament held in Emporia

by | May 23, 2022 | Disc Golf

EMPORIA, Kan. (WIBW) – Over thirteen hundred disc golfers took to Emporia throughout this week to compete in the Dynamic Discs Open.

“Disc golf is played traditionally like ball golf where you’re trying to get the disc in the basket in as few as throws as possible,” said owner of Dynamic Discs, Jeremy Rusco.

The tournament is expected to have brought more than twenty five hundred people to Emporia.

“This is a huge event for our community. There’s a lot of outside dollars that are spent here over the course of the week so all the businesses have been thrilled to have the disc golf population in town,” he said. “We’ve been working on this event and it is the 19th year for the tournament and it was traditionally the Glass Blown Open and we renamed it this year to the Dynamic Discs Open but its one of the favorite stops on tour for the disc gold community.”

COVID- 19 restrictions may have kept players from other countries participating this year, but the Dynamic Discs Open is still the largest disc golf tournament in the world.

“It’s been amazing to have the disc golf family back together, we’ve got lots of people over 1,300 competitors and when you factor in friends, friends, family, volunteers, staff, we think we have over twenty five hundred people in Emporia for this event for over a week.”

Jermey Rusco, owner of Dynamic Discs in Emporia says its a sport that anyone can get in to.

“Its been amazing to see what COVID had done for disc golf, a lot of people are giving disc golf a try and a lot of people are coming out here to be a part of this event. You know just look for a course in your area, most courses are free to play, its fun, and its really for all walks of life and I just want to encourage everybody to get out and get active and play disc golf.”

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