16 places to get frozen goodies

Peaceful Meadows on 60 Bedford St. in Whitman has served local residents with summer favorites since 1962.

To celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 18th, you might be looking for a cold, creamy, sweet treat.

What’s your favorite – a traditional vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream in a mug, a banana split or a hot fudge sundae? How about a Hornets Nest ice cream cone, ice cream nachos, a butterball sundae, or a pint of skrewball peanut butter whiskey ice cream?

How about a Heidi Hurricane or a Birthday Cake Frappe instead of an old-fashioned Root Beer Float or Ice Cream Soda.

Sounds tempting? Here is a list of local ice cream shops where you can get these and more.

Peaceful Meadows, Whitman, Middleboro and Plymouth

Peaceful Meadows has been popular with local residents since 1962. “All the ice cream that goes into the freezers at our three Massachusetts locations is made right here in Whitman,” the website says. In addition to 24 flavors of ice cream, you get sundaes, banana splits, a double-fudge brownie boat, frappes, ice-cream soda, low-fat shakes, and more. Peaceful Meadows locations are at 60 Bedford St., Whitman, 109 West Grove St., Middleboro, and 170 Water St., Plymouth, www.peacefulmeadows.com.

Tom & Jimmy’s Ice Cream & Del’s Lemonade, West Bridgewater and Taunton

Tom & Jimmy’s Ice Cream & Del’s Lemonade offers more than 50 types of hard ice cream, more than 40 types of soft ice cream and Del’s Lemonade as well as plant-based ice cream, sundae and frozen yogurt. The T-Hoye sundae and the brownie sundae are the most popular items. The West Bridgewater location is at 235 North Main St. and the Taunton location is 337 Winthrop St., https://tomandjimmys.com/.

Former Taunton Mayors Tom Hoye and Jimmy Gracia are photographed in their Tom & Jimmy's ice cream parlor in Taunton on March 2nd, 2020.  They have a second location at 235 N. Main St. in West Bridgewater

Daddy’s Dairy, Brockton, Stoughton, Randolph and more

Daddy’s Dairy has 80 flavors of hard ice cream and tons more flavors of lactose-free soft ice cream, frozen yogurt, and no-sugar options, according to the website. Wait to try Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream as well as 15+ other drunk flavors available for ages 21 and up. Locations are 1280 Belmont St., Brockton, 987 Central St., Stoughton, 549 N. Main St., Randolph, 120 Union St, Braintree and 95 Central St., Norwood, https://www.daddysdairy.net/.

Wait until you've tried the Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream, which is available at all five Daddy's Dairy locations, as well as over 15 other alcoholic flavors available for those ages 21 and up.  Locations include 1280 Belmont St., Brockton, 987 Central St., Stoughton, and 549 N. Main St., Randolph.

Hilliards House of Candy, Easton

Hilliard’s homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt are made on the premises using only the freshest and finest ingredients, including their own homemade flavors and sweets, which their website has been perfecting for over 90 years, according to their website. Flavors include Coffee Brownie Madness and Chewy Cashew Turtle Soup. Sorbets and no-sugar options are also available. You can enjoy your ice cream in the old fashioned ice cream parlor. Hilliards House of Candy is located at 316 Main St., North Easton, www.hilliardscandy.com.

Have you tried Hilliards Chocolates signature homemade chocolate fudge brownie sundae?  A warm brownie, French vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a piece of homemade chocolate fondant to top it off.  Hilliards Chocolates, 316 Main St., North Easton, has an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Prisco’s Market & Deli, Bridgewater

Prisco’s Country Creamery is on the property of the market and deli and offers more than 50 types of hard and soft ice cream, Italian ice cream, Dole Whip (gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan) and ice-cream drinks, frappes and shakes, and even mini-baseball helmets filled with ice. Hard ice cream flavors include Chunky Monkey and Cookie Monster. There’s also family fun with mini golf, batting and basketball hoops, and carnival games. Priscos Market & Deli is located at 8 Romney Road, Bridgewater, https://www.priscosmarket.com/.

Hot fudge sundae with chocolate ice cream at Prisco's, 8 Romney Road, Bridgewater, on Sunday 11th July 2021.

Magoo’s Ice Cream & Sandwich, Rockland

The family-run Magoo’s Ice Cream & Sandwich “offers 40 types of hard ice cream from Richardsons Farm, 50 different types of soft ice cream, frappes, sundaes, his famous razzles, all toppings you can imagine and much more,” according to his website. They also offer banana splits and specialty sundaes like the Bulldog. Or try a Richie’s slush with flavors like cotton candy and strawberry lemonade. You can also play 18 holes of mini golf while you are there. Magoos Ice Cream & Sandwich is at 190 VFW Drive, Rockland, https://www.magoosicecream.com/

Magoo's Ice Cream & Sandwich, 190 VFW Drive, Rockland, has that banana split and more.

Heidi’s Hollow Farm Ice Cream, Hanson

Heidi’s Hollow Farm Ice Cream is a real New England ice cream parlor, according to its website. In addition to Richardson’s favorite ice cream flavors, Heidi’s Hollow Farm offers dairy-free hard ice cream from The Greenery. You can get a banana split or sundae including the Candyland made with Heath, Milky Way, Reeses, Snickers, M&M, Almond Joy, Hot Fudge, a candy topping, and whipped cream. The drinks menu includes ice cubes, raspberry and lime rickey, frappes and the Heidi Hurricane, which is made from soft ice cream with your favorite toppings. Heidi’s Hollow Farm Ice Cream is located at 165 Liberty St., Hanson, https: // www.heidishollow.com/

Heidi's Hollow Farm, 165 Liberty St, Hanson, is a true New England ice cream shop selling Richardson's ice cream, sundaes, drinks and more.

Creme, Abington

Cream serves Richardson’s Ice Cream and Nightingale Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches and is the only store in the area that offers Oatly Soft Serve that is certified vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, and kosher. “With over 55 flavors and endless ways to personalize your order, there is definitely something for everyone,” the website says. Some of the flavors of ice cream are Crunch-a-Saurus and Toll House Cookie. The sundaes of ice cream include a bamanana made from banana ice cream, chocolate chips, nuts, warm caramel, whipped cream, and a brewed banana. Sorbet, sorbet, frozen yogurt and low carb / no sugar are also available. Cream is located at 1209 Bedford St., Abington, http://www.creametc.com/.

Cream, 1209 Bedford St, Abington, has this campfire sundae of toasted marshmallows from Butter Bake Goods in Vancouver, BC.

Sugar Hill Dairy, Bridgewater

Sugar Hill Dairy on Hanson Farm opened in 2008 and “has been delighting people in southeast Massachusetts with freshly made dairy products ever since,” according to the website. Ice cream flavors include Death by Chocolate, Phantom Berry, and Coffee Kahlua Brownie. Frozen yogurt and sorbet are also available. Sugar Hill Dairy is located at 602 Pleasant St., Bridgewater, http://sugarhilldairy.com/.

Sugar Hill Dairy at Hanson Farm, 602 Pleasant St., Bridgewater, has been serving dairy products since 2008.

Slappy’s frozen goodies, Raynham

“With dozens and dozen of soft serve flavors to choose from, Slappy’s has something for everyone,” it says on its website. Slappy’s Frozen Treats serves hard Gifford ice cream and has banana splits, sundaes, and ice cream nachos made with ice cream, a sauce topping, a dry topping, and waffle chips. Soft flavors include peanut butter and fluff and caramel cheesecake. Slappys Frozen Treats is located at 534 Broadway, Raynham, www.slappysfrozentreats.com.

Slappy's Frozen Treats, 534 Broadway, Raynham, offers ice cream nachos with ice cream, a sauce topping, dry topping, and waffle chips.

Flannel Cow Cream Shop, Mansfield

Flannel Cow Creamery serves homemade ice cream and other frozen goodies, including Italian ice cream, frappes, and floats. The signature flavors include Hornet’s Nest with a fresh mint flavor with pieces of oreo biscuits. The specialty sundae include the popular PB Blaster with three scoops of vanilla ice cream, coated with hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, topped with peanuts, Reese’s Cups and Pieces, peanuts, whipped cream and a cherry. Flannel Cow Creamery is located at 88 Chilson Avenue, Mansfield, https://www.flannelcowcreamery.com/.

Flannel Cow Creamery, 88 Chilson Ave, Mansfield, offers ice cream in cups, cones, biscuits and more.

Golf Country, Easton

Golf Country in Easton, with a variety of driving range options, mini golf courses and batting cages, has an ice cream parlor serving Richardson’s Ice Cream and Ronnie’s Slush. Golf Country is located at 530 Turnpike Street, Easton, https://www.golfcountry.org/easton.

Golf Country, 530 Turnpike St., Easton, has an ice cream parlor that serves Richardson's Famous Ice Cream, Ronnie's Famous Slush, and Frappes.

Milk Queen, Brockton

Dairy Queen serves up soft ice cream in classic delicacies such as ice cream cones, sundaes, banana splits and blizzards. Brockton locations are located at 344 Belmont St. and 1138 North Main St. https://www.dairyqueen.com/en-us/.

Jeseiara Gomes, 18, left, William Baker, 18, and Alyssa Ryan, 21, all from Brockton, are having an ice break at Dairy Queen's on Belmont St. in Brockton in 2013.

Frates Drive-In, Taunton

Frates Drive-In offers hard and soft ice cream with more than 300 flavors, gourmet ice cream and banana splits. The drink selection includes frappes, ice cream, frozen cake, a Nor’Eastah and more. Sundae flavors include apple pie, strawberry pie, and fried cookie dough. Frates Drive-In is located at 1423 Somerset Ave, Taunton, https://www.fratesdrive-in.com/.

The Frates Drive-In Restaurant offers hard and soft ice cream with more than 300 flavors, gourmet ice cream and banana splits, frappes, ice cream carts, a Nor'Eastah and more.

Frankie & Dias Ice Cream and Hot Cocoa, Raynham

Frankie & Dia’s serves up Crescent Ridge ice cream. Some of the tough ice creams on their menu include “S’mores” with marshmallow ice cream swirled with chocolate-coated graham crackers and chocolate chips. Frankie & Dia’s signature sundae is the most popular. The special frappes include birthday cakes, which are made from cake batter ice cream with cake icing and sprinkles. They also offer dairy-free, sorbet, froyo, and sugar-free options. Frankie & Dia’s at 407 New State Hwy, Raynham, https://frankieanddias.com/

Ice cream in a waffle cone available from Frankie & Dia's Ice Cream and Hot Cocoa, 407 New State Hwy, Raynham.

Skinner’s Sugar House, East Bridgewater

Skinner’s Sugar House serves Richardson’s Dairy Farm ice cream in over 50 flavors – in sundaes, banana splits, cones and more. You can choose from old fashioned milkshakes, frappes, freezes and floats. There is also frozen yogurt, sorbets and sorbets, and sugar-free ice cream. Open all year round, they also offer seasonal flavors like pumpkin and eggnog. You can also pick up homemade chocolates, fudge, and toasted nuts while you’re there. Skinners Sugar House is located at Union St. 24, East Bridgewater, https://skinnerssugarhouse.com/.

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