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SAN DIEGO, September 1, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Pizá Golf, internationally recognized as a premier architecture and golf course design company, today unveils the NextLinks eGolf Arena, an avant-garde golf complex that will elevate the game of golf by engaging and entertaining every audience and generation. NextLinks eGolf Arenas are an incomparable indoor golf course and family-friendly destination that is making golf the fastest growing game in indoor sports.

For more than two decades, Agustin Pizá, the director and founder of Pizá Golf, has questioned golf standards and redefined golf courses with award-winning next-generation designs. He has worked with Legends of the Game and his world-class developments attracted the interest of an impressive group who interviewed him. Can you design a complete golf entertainment experience? Pizá knew he could go beyond the current, very popular golfing experience, but he needed partners and immediately turned to the infrastructure and technology expert. Dave Schultz.

Schultz together with Ed Colson have developed software and technology for over six years to combine the golf simulator game for the long game with a realistic, laser-controlled short game experience. The duo has protected this extraordinary technology with a US patent. The technology entertainment component of NextLinks eGolf Arena is exclusive and protected by copyright.

“NextLinks eGolf Arena is a functional reinterpretation of the conventional standard for driving range-based entertainment, but more efficient in every way, along with an iconic building design and specification,” said Shultz.

To design an iconic golf complex worthy of NextLinks’ state-of-the-art golf technology, Pizá, himself a vertical architect, has teamed up with the respected, award-winning international architects Victor and Sergio Sanzo von Sanzpont, known for their designs that connect people and spaces with sustainability. The brother’s NextLinks eGolf Arena design exceeded the team’s vision and now competes with the best golf courses in the world with its domed structure inspired by the most iconic form of the game: the golf ball. Additional amenities include the central round bar, which is visible from every point of view, a multitude of dining rooms, private and open spaces, bays and lounge balconies that flank the characteristic short playground.

“We love the game of golf so much that we imagined what the next concept of golf entertainment should look and feel like and almost envision a sacred place – a GOLF temple where technology and entertainment are combined to creating a realistic and exciting next-generation golf experience, “called Victor and Sergio Sanzo.

The “Golf Field Atrium” within the NextLinks eGolf Arena was designed by Pizá himself. To complement the technology-driven experiences of the “Hitting Bays”, he created a strategic laser-controlled short game course in the indoor park-like environment. The team calls this the “Disruptive Game Changeing Experience”. Spectators can enjoy the game from the lounge balconies.

“The strategy behind the design is to provide real punch values ​​that can be challenging or easy depending on the player’s preference. NextLinks eGolf Arena can be played by an enthusiastic golfer or a non-golfer love ‘and with a view to sustainability on all levels, ecologically, socially and economically “, says Pizá.

Pizá, Shultz and the team have put together an impressive board for their shared vision for the future of golf, the NextLinks eGolf Arena, and founded the NextLinks CalNeva Corporation.

NextLinks Board of Directors of CalNeva:

  • Dan Mechem – CEO
  • Dave Schultz – Founder and Chairman of the Board
  • Agustin Pizá – award-winning golf design architect
  • Brandel Chamblee – Golf Channel Analyst / Creative Talent
  • Pete Walsh – Expert in event technology
  • Ed Colson – Real estate investor
  • Charlie Mechem – Senior advisor

“NextLinks Golf is the next generation of stadium golf concepts, in which friends and family can not only hit all kinds of shots, but also experience the joys and challenges of short games and puttings on the greens designed by Pizá Golf. With patented Laser technology to simulate where the strokes would land, “players” can enjoy the full golfing experience with all of the excitement, convenience and atmosphere of a lavish night on the town at a fraction of the cost, NextLinks Golf gets people to know Introducing the game and the concept without adding to the stress that the game in general has on the sustainability issues of land and water. In my opinion, NextLinks Golf is the connection to the future of golf, “said Brandel Chamblee.

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