Asia’s Most Community-Oriented International Schools in 2021

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Driving Ranges

The best international schools in Asia know that education in 2021 is more than just academics, language skills and a solid path to higher education. Coming to Oxbridge or the Ivies is a badge of honor, but not the only purpose.

To be successful in life is also about who you are surrounded and nourished by as a child. Among children from the third culture, descendants of diplomats, and young people who have moved with their parents’ jobs, international schools offer a diverse student body where they can make friends and understand the world wherever they go after school and college .

In a survey of leading international school admissions workers in key markets, 66% said supporting student welfare is an important factor in choosing the right school. “The effects of COVID-19 have raised awareness of strategic well-being in schools to the point that it is now a declared requirement for more parents when choosing a school,” read a white paper from ISC Research.

If you are looking for an international school that offers a well-rounded education and solid pastoral care in Asia, consider the following institutions:

Marlborough College Malaysia

When choosing international schools in 2021, community comes first. Source: Marlborough College Malaysia

For an international education that gives children a passport to a global future, head to Marlborough College Malaysia. The MCM in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, is a fully co-educational and independent British boarding and day school.

With excellent academic results, Marlborough College Malaysia is one of the best in Malaysia, offering academic excellence with a healthy holistic approach to students. In conjunction with internationally award-winning pastoral care and on a 90 hectare purpose-built site, MCM offers your child the opportunity to develop both in the classroom and beyond.

The facilities include an organic farm, a golf driving range, a lake for water sports, Olympic and beginners’ pools, several rugby and soccer fields, an athletics track, an all-weather field, a high-performance fitness center, sports halls, a climbing wall, squash and tennis courts, a theater and workshops for design technology. Spacious, green and well equipped, it is an environment that stimulates growth and enriches the development of any MCM student. It is an environment that stimulates growth and enriches the development of every MCM student.

However, ask the boarders and they will say that the college’s greatest asset is its people. MCM boarding schools offer an unrivaled system of pastoral care. Housemasters and Housemistresses are supported by resident tutors, dames, tutors and other members of pastoral and support teams. They ensure that young people are safe, happy and healthy in their care.

“We congratulate the college on its comprehensive mentoring culture and engaging the entire community through a wide range of well-being strategies and practices in support of the pastoral well-being of students,” read a report from the Council of 2021 British International Schools.

What sets MCM apart is its shared heritage and close ties with Marlborough UK – it’s a sister school, not a franchise. MCM values ​​and imparts the same breadth of experience, intellectual rigor, creative joy and athletic excellence as Marlborough UK. Graduates join the Old Marlburian Network, a global community that includes the Duchess of Cambridge.

To learn more about what the Singapore Tatler calls “the only authentic British boarding experience in Asia”, click here.

Tanglin Trust School

international schools in Asia

Tanglin Trust School graduates can contribute to the world “with confidence” and are “happy and successful”. Source: Tanglin Trust School

British curriculum tailored to Singapore, multiple paths to university, over 95 years of experience, a campus with 50 nationalities represented, non-profit organization, excellent examination and grading results – these are the characteristics that set Tanglin Trust School Students for success in school, university and beyond.

It was founded in 1925 and is the oldest British international school in Southeast Asia. It offers children aged three to 18 in Singapore the English National Curriculum with an international perspective.

Its location in the middle of a technology center and the cultural heritage and natural areas of Rochester Park and Wessex Estate reflects the type of education that takes place on campus: established, holistic and future-oriented.

Tanglin is also the only international school in Singapore that offers both A Levels and the IB. Outside of the classrooms, students make lasting friendships through the many arts, sports, outdoor educational, and co-curricular activities on offer here.

Tanglin promotes and is committed to wellbeing based on the “PERMAH” and “Five Ways to Wellbeing” models in order to be successful. The “PERMAH” model encompasses six equally important aspects of wellbeing: positive emotions, commitment, relationships, purpose, performance, health. The “Five Paths to Wellbeing” model offers five measures that can build and increase wellbeing: connecting, being active, drawing attention, continuing to learn and giving.

These models form the framework for their holistic lifeskills curriculum program across the school.

“See for yourself a school that has been repeatedly described as excellent by British inspectors and appreciate the full value of what we have to offer. We take great pride in the fact that our graduates are simply “good people” ready to thrive and make a positive contribution in the world before them, ”says CEO Craig Considine.

Bangkok Patana School

international schools in Asia

Bangkok Patana School is one of the most respected educational institutions in Southeast Asia. Source: Bangkok Patana School

As one of the most respected educational institutions in Southeast Asia, Bangkok Patana School knows what sustainable education is. Here, over 2,200 students from around 60 countries, from the Foundation Stage to Senior Studies, are promoted to become lifelong learners who can adapt to a constantly changing world.

By completing two excellent programs – English National Curriculum and International Baccalaureate – you will receive the best intellectual, physical and social preparation for your future.

The teachers not only give instructions here, but also work with the child in an open classroom. This encourages children to find meaning and value in their interests, which in turn gives them the confidence to share ideas and thoughts.

The focus is on student well-being. Their wide range of after-school activities offers a holistic approach to learning to ensure that their students graduate as well-rounded personalities, ready for higher education and having a positive impact on society.

Charlie Golsby, who has been a Patana student since fifth grade, believes he did much developed at this “big school”. He says, “It has helped me settle in Thailand and I have grown a lot. The school conveys a sense of responsibility not only for itself, but for the entire community. “

New teacher Antony Wilson was sold on Patana from its first impressions. “I’ve been working internationally for more than 15 years, so I know a well-equipped school when I see one; here everything is very targeted. “

Wilson is committed to helping his students achieve their goals again. “I look forward to seeing the children grow and regain their confidence,” he says. “It was a difficult year for her. I can see that they are finding a little more normality again, you can feel how things are going back. “

* Some of the institutions featured in this article are Commercial Partners of Study International