Bacolod Eagles Club is celebrating its 2nd anniversary

Bacolod Eagles Club is celebrating its 2nd anniversary

The Fraternal Order of Eagles (Philippine Eagles) with its local chapter, the Bacolod Eagles Club, is celebrating its second anniversary on August 4th and has a number of activities planned, according to its press release.

This includes a fair, caravan and orientation of new applicants on August 1st, August 2nd – cleanup drive, feeding and barangayanihan gift delivery, August 3rd – first aid and CPR lecture, August 4th – Golf Driving Range Day at Buklod Driving Range August 5th – tree planting in Barangay Granada, August 6th – shooting range day at NIR and August 7th – mountain bike challenge at Bantug / community night.

“Despite tremendous difficulties with the current pandemic, we must all continue to celebrate the gift of life, love one another, and do our duty to help our brothers and sisters while following all health protocols,” the club said.

“By doing these types of activities, we can ensure that we not only strengthen camaraderie with each member, their family and friends, but also strengthen our advocacy for strong brotherhood and our commitment to God and the country,” she added added.

It was said that helping the less privileged was a moral obligation. “We have to be part of the solution of helping our own compatriots without expecting anything in return. Seeing her empowered and her life improved is priceless that we should embrace in our daily lives, ”the press release reads. *


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