Bella Vista POA committees discuss investment projects for 2022

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Driving Ranges

BELLA VISTA – All three POA joint advisory committees met recently and all three are considering recommendations to the board for capital projects in 2022.

A function of the three committees Golf, Recreation and Lakes is the communication between the members of the POA and the board of directors. Every summer they are involved when the budget process for the following year begins. While the POA administration handles the maintenance costs for the facilities, capital expenditures – those over $ 10,000 – must be approved by the board of directors, which in turn hears the recommendations of the committees.

Last month the board of directors heard from Controller Stacie Higgins that it was a good year for the POA. Both the food and beverage division and transfer fees generated more revenue than budgeted, and funds were raised for both the reserves and the intercompany loan that helped meet the cost of the Trafalgar fire. There are still some funds available.

The Recreation Committee discussed the rebuilding of two tennis courts in Kingsdale, the renewal of the pickleball courts in Metfield and the renovation of Riordan Hall. The paddling pool in Kingsdale also needs a new surface and the road to Blowing Springs Park needs to be worked on.

Pickleball courts were added in Branchwood as a capital project that spanned 2020 and 2021. More cabins will also be added in Blowing Springs in 2021. Delivery is expected in October.

The lake committee is still working on recommendations for the board, but some of the ideas discussed include new ponds for fish farming to populate the POA lakes. In the past, Rick Echols, Lakes and Fisheries Superintendent, has used ponds on golf courses for the same purpose, but these ponds are prone to flooding. An introduction to kayaks to make this activity easier for less agile members and a device to help disabled people board boats were considered. A spectator spoke about a “Tarzan boat”, a pontoon boat with special equipment that creates a playground on the water. A fee is charged for using the boat.

The golf committee held an additional session to decide on its recommendations, which would include repairs to cart tracks, upgrading the red tees at Kingswood and Dogwood, greens at the country club, upgrading the Tanyard driving range, and fans in the Highlands included driving range and “sprigging” Bermuda grass on the top nine in Scotsdale. Scotsdale’s Back Nine is currently closed after new grass has been successfully blasted.

It has also been discussed that gold tees are much closer to the greens and are usually on the fairway. Gold teas do not have a tea box due to their location. Instead, there is a marker along the way to let golfers know where to get onto the fairway. The committee did not recommend spending any money on these t-shirts.

The board usually decides the budget at its December meeting, but discussions have already started.