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Which driving range tees are the best?

Many golfers work tirelessly on their swings and play a great game, but one item that is often neglected and can take their game to the next level is teeing off on the driving range.

Just as the game of carved wood evolved into technical marvels, so too have golf tees.

While bags with hundreds of tees are inexpensive, high quality sets like the GoSports Rubber Golf Tees have an advantage. For example, long-lasting driving range tees are usually offered in sets with different but constant heights. That way, you can develop the perfect muscle memory and form to hit the best ball on the court.

What to Know Before Buying Driving Range Tees


Although professional golfers have similar swing styles, you will find that they all have their own unique twists. This is because the best swing technique depends on several factors, such as your flexibility, range, and height.

Consider your particular swing technique to determine the best required tee height for the driving range. One of the main advantages of using different height t-shirts is that you can train your body to swing higher or lower as needed.

For example, if you have a tendency to top the ball, you can practice with a shorter tee. This way you can align the ball in the center of the club face.


To hit the perfect tee box tee, you need to combine the best golf balls, your swing style and the type of tee. Even if the legends in golf swear by traditional wooden teas, the modern variants have their advantages. In addition to traditional and rubber tees, you can also find brush, anti-slice, and zero-friction golf tees.

The brush models are made of plastic and have bristles on top. The idea behind these tees is that the bristles minimize friction which increases the distance of the ball.

If you tend to cut either side of the fairway, you may have heard of anti-slice tees. While these are efficient at reducing your slices, it’s just a tool. To consistently hit a straight ball, you need to work on your swing and club face angle at the moment of impact.

Zero Friction Tees are also widely used for practice and on the court. They have a very similar design to traditional tees, except that they have multiple prongs to hold the ball in place.

Driving range guy

When purchasing driving range tees you need to consider whether your preferred range uses artificial turf or real grass. If you are practicing on an artificial turf driving range, it is beneficial to bring a pair of rubber tees with you.

So you can adjust the height accordingly. Some rubber tea sets are designed so that you can introduce and practice with your preferred tea type.

What to look for in high-quality driving range tees


Many tees that are not used in meshes usually come with multiple markings. These help golfers see how deep it should be sunk into the ground.

Markers are helpful when you are practicing at a specific height that suits your swing style. The difference in tee heights is minimal, and by inserting the tee an inch higher or lower you can cut, hook or top the ball.


The most commonly used t-shirts are made of wood. However, manufacturers today use different materials for their specific benefits. For example, driving ranges may use rubber t-shirts for their affordability and durability. While they are not suitable for space use, they are characterized by the fact that they save money and avoid waste when practicing on a driving range.

Another popular option is a bamboo golf tee. These cost a lot more than traditional wooden t-shirts, but are also much stronger and less prone to breakage.

If you’re going through bags of tees, a cost-saving measure is to use plastic bags. Plastic tees are often associated with non-friction models because they generally have multiple prongs to lift the ball up. However, you can find plastic t-shirts that look just like the wooden versions without the prongs.


Finding the perfect length depends on various factors such as club size, swing technique and your specific height. Using a tee that is too small or too low is not the best idea as it generally won’t give the most effective start.

According to the rules of the game, you will not find any tees higher than 10 cm. That means most tees will be between 1.5 “and 4”. Keep in mind that not all drivers require a full 4 “tee, and not all 1.5” irons work best.

How much you can spend on driving range tees

Depending on your style, you can expect to spend between $ 8 and $ 15 on a range of quality driving range tees.

Frequently asked questions about driving range tees

Are Wood T-shirts Better?

A. It’s a matter of personal preference and ability. Wood tees are an excellent option for professionals or low handicap players. That’s because they offer consistency and most high-level players know the exact height they need for each shot. Additionally, wood tees don’t break as often for high level players as their swing is typically not steep, and this causes the tee to pop instead of breaking in half.

Why does my tee keep breaking?

A. If you keep breaking your tees, this could be a sign to take a step back and examine your swing. In most cases, a broken tee means your swing is too steep. Once you correct your swing and hit your driver’s sweet spot, you’ll find the tee shot straight up with no spin or cracks.

Which are the best driving range tees?

Top driving range tee

GoSports golf tees made of rubber, 9-pack

What you need to know: Step up your driving range game with a set of nine tees at different heights.

What you will love: This set contains three 1.5 “, 2.25” and 3.5 “driving range or matte tees each. All nine are of a universal design so they fit on most standard mats. If you’d rather practice with wooden teas, these will fit the 1.5-inch rubber tee perfectly, making you feel like you are in the box.

What you should be aware of: Due to the nature of the shipment, some may arrive slightly bent.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top driving range tee for the money

FINGER TEN Golf Rubber Tees Driving Range Value 5-pack

FINGER TEN Golf Rubber Tees Driving Range Value 5-pack

What you need to know: There is hardly anything in the world that fits over heavy duty rubber t-shirts at a price that will make you bounce up and down.

What you will love: This set contains three 1.5 “, 2.25” and 3.5 “driving range or matte tees each. All nine are of a universal design so they fit on most standard mats. If you prefer to practice with wooden tees, this can be fitted perfectly into the 1.5 inch rubber tee for a more realistic feel.

What you should be aware of: The buyer must choose the sizes carefully or they may receive a bag of t-shirts, all one size instead of a mix.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Checking out is worth it

infiniTEE height-adjustable driving range mat golf tee

infiniTEE height-adjustable driving range mat golf tee

What you need to know: Throw away all of your old and brittle rubber t-shirts for a height adjustable t-shirt.

What you will love: This height adjustable tee has a range between 1.75 “-2.75”. This product has a heavy duty base that secures it to a golf mat and a flexible top tee that won’t drop your swing.

What you should be aware of: Readjustment may be necessary depending on the angle and strength of the downstroke.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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