Big investment in Farrington Park

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Driving Ranges

A Somerset golf club has invested over £ 250,000 in the latest state-of-the-art driving range technology.

Farrington Park Golf Club in Farrington Gurney, Somerset, has opened its new driving range with 14 bays, each bay with Toptracer technology.

Toptracer has changed the way we saw golf on TV and is doing the same for driving ranges around the world.

Technology once reserved for the top professionals is now affordable and accessible to all in Farrington Park.

A toptracer capable driving range has monitors in each bay that allow players to see exactly how far their ball is moving, what the spin rate and accuracy are.

This information can then be recorded in a special app so that the person can record their strokes and the clubs used at the time.

In addition, the technology enables golfers to play any of the top courses in the world from their bay.

The new TV screens allow the user to choose which route they want and when they take a picture it will be displayed on the screen as if they were on the actual route.

But it is not only suitable for the committed golfer, beginners and small children can also use the system.

Farrington Park Head Pro Nick Brennan said, “Not only will this technology be a fantastic addition for golf club members, but I believe that golfers from the Somerset area will be drawn to the new system.

“It’s a great help for every golf standard, from handicap 28 to professional.

“Golfers can practice specific drills and get instant feedback on their strokes, making it perfect for those looking to take their golf to the next level.

“And although it is easy to use, it is great fun for both young players and non-golfers who can use Toptracer technology for newbies as well.”

The installation of the Toptracer system took more than two months and included the installation of 11 25 meter high pylons from which new nets could be hung.

Kevin Mortimer, General Manager at Farrington Park added, “The management team looked at the Toptracer ranges in other parts of the country and saw what a success it was.

“We have a great health and fitness club and this will be another great addition to the facilities we already have at Farrington Park and we hope that some of those who use Toptracer will become members.

“In the last 18 months there has been a huge investment in the club, including large earthworks on the square and a new kitchen for our restaurant.

“There is also a lack of entertainment for young people in this area and we hope that Toptracer can fill a gap in the market for people to consider it a day trip.”

The cost of using the Toptracer system ranges from £ 2 (£ 3 for non-members) for 24 balls to £ 10 (£ 12.50 for non-members) for 120 balls.

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