Build your dream home simulator with Rain Or Shine Golf

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Driving Ranges

Up & Down Review: Take the guesswork out of turning this free space into your ideal home simulator or entertainment room with the help of Rain or Shine Golf.

Every golfer, regardless of ability or level, wants a golf simulator for their home. They can find refuge somewhere after a hard day’s work or do a few practice swings privately. The problem is figuring out your space requirements and which system is best for you is a very daunting task.

A quick internet search for “home golf simulator” reveals thousands of results with millions of different systems, combinations, and setups that may or may not work best for you and your space constraints and budget.

Rain or Shine Golf is a leading online retailer for all of your golf simulator needs: launch monitors, kick mats and bays, projectors, etc. But where other retailers offer countless products with brief descriptions on their websites, Rain or Shine Golf is committed to providing customers with the best To accompany them every step of the way through a possible home simulator.

In other words, Rain or Shine is the home simulator advisor you’ve always wanted.

I have a perfect place for a simulator in my garage: high ceilings, large space, a lot of length to hit a ball. When I close my eyes I can see it. The problem is I have no idea what would actually work in my room and what parts I need.

That’s why Rain or Shine is here, and they stepped in to save the day. My first phone call with Rain or Shine was to describe what I wanted in a home simulator (serious practice to reinforce my lessons, but also with some simulations on the course and challenges so I could chat and enjoy myself with friends may), the space I’ve been thinking about, and my budget.

At the end of my call, Rain or Shine asked for some measurements of the proposed space and a few days to contact me with some possible setups.

As promised, Rain or Shine responded quickly and stated that the FlightScope Mevo + with a high quality punch mat would be the perfect combination to get me on my way.

The Mevo + offers the perfect balance between serious, precise exercise equipment and fun toys to share with friends and can be used indoors and outdoors. In addition, the Mevo + does not need a powerful (see: large additional effort) gaming computer to operate everything, just a smartphone with the FlightScope app.

Combined with the SwingTurf Golf Mat, which gives a fairway-like playing feeling and therefore does not burden the joints, I was able to practice with every club in my pocket, from the driver to the wedge, and receive precise data about my ball flight, and stay between trips to the Place loosely while you play each of the 5 simulated courses.

In addition, the combination of Mevo + and hit mat also left the door open for future upgrades, including a projector to enhance the simulation experience, which Rain or Shine was willing to help with the specification.

A few days after everything was delivered, Rain or Shine followed suit to make sure I didn’t have any issues. And thanks to their time and help up front to guide me through the right setup, everything worked perfectly right out of the box.

Building a home simulator can be a very exciting, intimidating, and costly endeavor. Fortunately, Rain or Shine Golf is there to guide you through all of the options, whether your budget is $ 500 or $ 50,000, and whether you’re looking for a permanent installation (like a TruGolf system) or something portable to put in your yard can be used. Garage and / or on the driving range (like the FlightScope Mevo +).

I can’t recommend Rain or Shine enough, and I suggest that you reach out to them for feedback before pulling the trigger on a launch monitor or adding any accessories.

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