Dubai Hills also impresses in the heat, but there is still room for improvement

Dubai Hills Golf Club

As a member of the Dubai Hills Golf Club, I am regularly on the course and my last outing was with three friends on a hot weekend.

Despite the scorching heat, the condition of the golf course was, as usual, very good. The Dubai Hills Golf Club is one of the best-conditioned golf courses in the United Arab Emirates day in and day out, 12 months a year – whatever the weather. This summer is also particularly good for her conditions

The tea decks are always in excellent condition and despite the mercury temperature of 50 ° C, the fairways have a healthy green grass cover with no burned spots. The greens are quick and loyal too.

The bunkers at DHGC are a bit tough at the moment, whether that’s due to the design, irrigation pattern or the type of sand in the bunkers, I’m not sure.

We pitched at 3pm on Saturday and the weather was damp and uncomfortable. But soon the cooler afternoon breeze set in and we had a pleasant round and were the last players to come off the 18th green.

Lots of bushes have been removed in the recent renovations – which helps regain those wayward shots in the waste areas, not only when it comes to lost balls but also to speed up the game.

After all, the driving range at the DHGC keeps frustrating me because I can’t use my driver due to the reduced length of the target area. While that may sound like a minor criticism – and the weather was too hot last time to hit the shooting range for a pre-match break – driving is the weakest part of my game and I’d really like to let go of a net instead of a net to use before we hit the first tee.

Nevertheless, I keep going back and the impeccable conditions are still impressive.


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