Fred Arbanas Golf Course reopens after Jackson County repaid greens

Fred Arbanas Golf Course reopens after Jackson County repaid greens

KANSAS CITY, MO. – A Jackson County golf course opened Friday, months after the county spent thousands repopulating the greens.

The county closed Fred Arbanas Golf Course after someone used the wrong chemical and damaged 95% of the greens.

Jackson County approved $ 28,000 to lay a new lawn for the greens. The sward came from Colorado, when it arrived it was dormant and not rooted. The county said it paid an additional $ 3,000 to fix the problem.

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The opening of the golf course was originally planned for the season on May 4th. With the lawn issue, the district postponed its opening date to June 11, but the opening was postponed for another month.

The county said ground staff had done the necessary work to bring the greens up to playability standards. They also smoothed and leveled the surface of the greens.

“The championship course greens are dramatically improved and the facility is in great shape,” said Gred Addison, general manager and superintendent. “I look forward to meeting the course’s annual golfers, welcoming new golfers and providing a course that golf enthusiasts can be proud of and, most importantly, excited to play.”

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The Parks + Rec division announced that it had informed golfers with annual memberships of the closure in April and planned to compensate members.

The par 3 course and the driving range will remain open during this time.

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