News of the Weird: June 17, 2021 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Right under your nose

Newsweek reported that a woman from Kerala, India known only as Sajita disappeared in 2010 at the age of 18. But about three months ago the secret of her disappearance began to be revealed. Sajitha left home 11 years ago and walked 500 meters to his neighbor Alinchuvattil Rahman’s house. Alinchuvattil Rahman was then 24 years old. The couple allegedly believed their different religions threatened their romantic relationship, so Rahman left her in a locked guest room in her parents’ house, where she watched a small television with headphones for the next 10 years. Bashir, Rahman’s brother, said that Rahman kept the room very confidential and kept the room locked all the time. His temper prevented his family from wondering what was going on. “Rahman and Sajita had their own houses because they all worked during the day,” said Bashir. There was no bathroom in the room. Sajita crawls out of the window at night to relieve herself. That spring, Sajita left home and Rahman followed shortly afterwards. His family reported that he was missing, but Bashir soon found Rahman “accidentally” in another village. So he and his loved ones built their new home.

Strange fashion

According to The Independent, Crocs was launched within 20 years but has already seen a “renaissance”. And for the spring 2022 season, Crocs is getting a crossover boost from luxury fashion house Balenciaga. The new model features stiletto heels (looks like Lego pieces) under the traditional green or black perforated upper. The new model can cost up to $ 1,000 but doesn’t include social media. One tweet called her “real nightmares” and another commenter said she was “unreasonably angry”.

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If high-heeled crocodiles are not enough, check out the MYL Berlin mouthpiece accessory. “Mouthpiece” means “mouthpiece”. This high-style conforms to the lower lip and adorns the chin, reports Oddity Central on June 7th. MYL Berlin calls it “structured, chic and bold”. “” Stainless steel mouthpieces are available in three different designs: black, gold or silver. Prices range from $ 75 to $ 140.

Strange animals

In Victoria, British Columbia, photographer Tony Austin was taking a nature walk on May 31 when he encountered an unexplained sight. The murder of the crow landed nearby and one flew around in the ground. “It’s kind of … jumping in the air … and then jumping back into the gravel,” Austin said. As Austin got closer, he saw the birds covered with ants. He was concerned about the welfare of the birds but was relieved when he posted a photo on a bird lover Facebook page, NPR reported. The crow was an “ant” that spread ants on its wings and wings. Experts don’t understand why birds do this. It can be related to cleanliness and can divide ants’ defense secretions from fungicides, acaricides, and pesticides.

The independent reported in a new BBC documentary on May 13th that he revealed that dolphins bite pufferfish in a clear effort to “get taller.” Fugu releases neurotoxins when challenged. Large doses of this can be fatal, but small doses can cause narcotic effects. Just the right amount of dolphins looks like a transformer. Rob Pilley, a zoologist who worked on the show’s producer, said the dolphins “hang their noses on the surface and display the most unique behaviors, as if intrigued by their reflexes. It is the most unique to see. It was special. “


As the Pro Adult Entertainment Club in Toronto, Ontario shows, the COVID-19 pandemic required creativity from small businesses. Toronto Sun reported that the closure nearly destroyed the strip club until owner Teresa Marchano and her staff came up with another idea. “We couldn’t run it as a restaurant so we just wanted to be outside,” said Marciano. “Most of our employees and managers love golf, so we’ve tried to bring the two industries together.” A new company, Stiff Shafts, has a former club car park where golfers are prominent. Turn it into a driving range where you can aim your shots at a caricature of a politician. The bartenders and weight staff will return to provide food and drink for customers, and the dancers will become caddies. Marcianos hopes to open on June 14th.


Fox News reported that two sisters in West Jordan, Utah, ages 9 and 4, left for a beach in California before sunrise on June 2. Unfortunately the 9 year old was driving and things didn’t go as planned. Just a few miles from home, a small driver turned onto an oncoming vehicle and crashed into a semi-trailer. Both girls were buckled up, no one was injured. Her parents didn’t know about Joyride until the police called them after the accident. “I think they wanted to start their summer vacation a little earlier,” said West Valley police spokeswoman Roxeanne Vainuku. Lieutenant Sean McCarthy added, “I don’t know if I’m going to tell you you are going in the wrong direction” to reach California.

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Convincing explanation

The man, trapped in a tough situation for two days, made a wise, if false, explanation. On June 8, in Santa Rosa, California, a man was found trapped in the shaft of a vineyard blower. He told police he’d love to snap photos of the engines used in old farm equipment, but there was more to his story, NBC Bay Area reported. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office said, “A thorough investigation revealed that the farming equipment was not antique and that the men had much more methamphetamine as camera equipment, but the motivation to climb the fan shaft was complete. Remains a secret. “The“ photographer ”needed medical attention but was not seriously injured. Sheriffs recommend some allegations.

Relationship goals

Henry Williams and Tuhonsty Marie Smith of Milwaukee have been in a relationship for eight years but haven’t done much these days. When Williams got home from work on June 2, Smith was walking in circles without speaking to him. Williams told her a few weeks ago that she was going to get a divorce, Yahoo! The message has been reported. Later that night he slept and woke up with a fire behind his head, he told police. Williams grabbed his baby daughter and rushed to the house next to his parents, where he called 911. When the police arrived, Smith admitted having set Williams’ head on fire. She told them that morning, “I started eating chicken wings and thought Henry poisoned her.” Smith has been charged with arson, domestic violence and other crimes and has been examined for competence.

Wrong place, wrong time

The Volvo plant in West Virginia welcomed a surprising visitor on June 4th. A young bear somehow got stuck climbing the banner of a six-meter high building, far from the stairs and ladders. The state’s Wildlife Resources Agency was brought in and Fox News reported. Workers pinned the bear with chemical darts and removed it from the ceiling with a forklift. “Given the bear’s location, it was unlikely that it would immediately and safely walk on its own,” DWR officials said. Workers were instructed to stay in the company canteen during the brew. The bear was safely brought to a “suitable place for liberation”.

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