Review: The Loma Bag from Sunday Golf

by | Aug 21, 2021 | Driving Ranges

When I got my hands on @sundaygf_co’s Loma bag, I was super excited. I love the look and feel of the bag and the super simple design.

I’ve had it for a year now and I have to say I love it as much today as I did the day I unboxed it. The bag costs only $ 114. It’s well made and looks great. With multiple color options added since its inception, it’s easy to find a bag that suits your personality.

The Loma bag has four pockets for your phone, keys, wallet, extra t-shirts and much more. One of these pockets is a specially insulated frost pocket that can hold two cans of anything you want to drink. It also has a place for a case with golf balls and a place for up to 6 golf tees.

The design of this bag is perfect for par 3s, practice rounds, range sessions or even 9 hole golf with a twist.

I personally love this bag. I use it most of all for driving to the driving range when I just want to work on one thing. No need to carry the entire bag with you if all you want to do is hit wedge shots. If you are interested in picking up a Loma bag for yourself, go to and pick one up. You will not regret it.

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