Sad fans are sad: week 7

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Driving Ranges

Jim Tomlin | 45 minutes ago

There are sad fans, and then there are fans who create a sad scene. Worse than sad, really.

There was about a 20-minute delay in Saturday’s Mississippi at Tennessee game in Knoxville because so much rubbish was being dumped on the field, particularly at the Ole Miss bench, after officials decided the Vols would hit a 4. one minute left in the game.

Spectators – we won’t even call them “fans” in this case – tossed everything from water bottles and beer cans to a bottle of mustard to a golf ball that landed near rebel trainer Lane Kiffin.

It was a shameful moment that ruined the charged, noisy atmosphere on Rocky Top:

Lane Kiffin had to be escorted from the field after Ole defeated Miss Tennessee 31-26.

The fans in attendance threw debris on the field, beat players, coaches, cheerleaders and more.

Kiffin throws his sights on some Tennessee fans just before he leaves. #CollegeFootball

– good aura (@goodauracicago) October 17, 2021

Even Tennessee’s own cheerleaders and marching band members weren’t safe from flying debris:

From earlier: # Tennessee cheerleaders leave the field and avoid debris thrown by # Vols fans. #OleMissvsTENN

– Jake Kline (@JakeAKline) October 17, 2021

The people who threw the items were flatly condemned on social media:

Not all Tennessee fans sucked. But those who devastated their own field, hit their cheerleaders, band members, dance teams, players, coaches, etc. with rubble, sincerely regret it.

– Chris 🔴⚪️ #BeatLA (@Ga_Sports_Fan) October 17, 2021

It was a thoughtless display, as one observer pointed out:

I understand I’m upset, but being upset doesn’t really appreciate the actions of these Tennessee fans. What if that rubble hit one of your players?

– Abbi Barrett (@abagailbarrett) October 17, 2021

The game finally resumed after the delay, but the ugly scene will be a lasting reminder of an otherwise thrilling game:

Impressive!! #Tennessee #Fans who throw debris (bottles of water, beer, and mustard) on the field after reviewing a game went against them. # OleMiss-Trainer #LaneKiffin is hit by a yellow golf ball. Home band, cheerleaders and dance team leave the field with 54 seconds time.

– Gregg Chambliss (@gregg_chambliss) October 17, 2021

It wasn’t just American social media accounts that took notice. This story had legs all over the world:

Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin pelted golf balls as sour Tennessee fans littered the pitcher with debris

– Fabluc (@Fabiolucv) October 17, 2021

Tennessee Vols football fans throw trash and debris on Neyland Stadium field late in game against Ole Miss; Game delayed by 18 minutes – Knoxville News Sentinel

– TU NOTIMUNDO (@tunotimundo) October 17, 2021

Even outlets thousands of miles away shared the news:

CM – The game between Tennessee and Ole Miss has stalled as fans throw debris on the grounds of Neyland Stadium

– Cameroon Magazine (@cameroonmag) October 17, 2021

This post got it right: The people who put players, cheerleaders, and other viewers at risk should really rethink:

It’s interesting that “BUT THE OFFICIATING” is Tennessee fans’ reaction to the rubble in Knoxville. Only * peak * priorities not clear.

– Jason Weaver (@ Redmac83) October 17, 2021

Sheet. Let’s get to more conventional sad fans, right? Kentucky suffered its first loss of the season in Athens when Georgia extended its winning streak against the Wildcats to 12:

Zamir White has a long defeat and these Kentucky fans are starting to realize they never stood a chance #sadSECfans #UGAvsUK

– sadSECfans (@sadSECfans) October 16, 2021

The UK is still having a great season, but dreams of an SEC East title have certainly weakened:

Bad day for those Kentucky fans #sadSECfans #UGAvsUK

– sadSECfans (@sadSECfans) October 16, 2021

As we suspected last week after Alabama lost, it was a concentrated group from Crimson Tide that showed up in Starkville and made for a long night among Mississippi State fans:

Bama Whoopin Miss St #sadSECfans #BAMAvsMSU

– sadSECfans (@sadSECfans) October 17, 2021

And Arkansas fans hit a fine #SurrenderCobra when their team lost their third game in a row:

#sadSECfans #SurrenderCobra

– sadSECfans (@sadSECfans) October 16, 2021

Outside of the SEC, Texas fans found it hard to accept another loss, this time to the state of Oklahoma. The Cowboys beat the Longhorns in 6 of the last 7 meetings in Austin:

Poke !! @CowboyFB #surrendercobra

– Nicole Northcutt (@nicolenorthcutt) October 16, 2021

Folks, please recycle your water bottles and keep your golf balls in your pocket and on the driving range, is that cool? Thanks very much.