Skills development through transfer training

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Driving Ranges

Posted by Blake Jirges, PGA

As a specialized golf trainer, I understand the importance of practicing and how students acquire skills. With proper training and support, you as a student can get the lowest scores if you first believe you can and second, that you have the right education to get there.

I make sure my students realize their potential and work with them to achieve the bold goal they want to achieve. Some goals may take longer than others and some may take greater change than others, but at the end of the day, belief is in you.

Skills development comes through understanding cause and effect, practicing under supervision (with a golf trainer), transferring the exercise under pressure, and finally playing the game.

The two skills that are missed in development are usually supervised practice and transfer training. Students see a trainer, figure out why they are cutting, and then go and play. The student wonders why they still cut the ball open when they are playing for money with their friends. Well, you’ve missed the two most important steps and are wondering why you can’t transfer your skills from the driving range to the course.

Here is a great game to start developing your transfer training skills and improve your short game score.

9-hole short game challenge

A player specifies nine shots around a green in advance, ranging from rough, fairway, side hill, downhill, uphill, lob, and bunker shots around the green. Make 3 shots easy, 3 shots medium, and 3 shots challenging within the game’s difficulty level. Your goal is to get the putt with the lowest possible score.

Level 1 – 27

Level 2 – 24

Level 3 – 21

Level 4 – 18

Start benchmarking your scores every time you complete the challenge to see where your skills lie and where your strengths and weaknesses lie in the short game area.

Again, I can’t emphasize the importance of proper skill development in transferring a skill from the tee to the golf course. Give this game a try and see your short game skills improve.

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