Sports letters for Tuesday, July 20 | Sports

  Sports letters for Tuesday, July 20 |  Sports

’91 state title game too

be shown in the state theater

The broadcast of the last Logansport State Championship will be broadcast on Sunday, July 25th, at 7 p.m. in the State Theater in Logansport.

Logansport defeated Marion in the 1991 state title game, the last in the historic career of former coach Jim Turner. Key players on the team included John Curl, who began an All-American career at Texas A&M, current Logansport director Matt Jones, and Logansport administrator Greg Korreck. The game was the only North Central Conference Championship Final in IHSAA baseball history.

Entry is free for Babe Ruth’s players and coaches who are asked to wear their team hats. All proceeds from the event will benefit Logansport Babe Ruth Baseball. Donations of US $ 5 per person or family are requested.

Pool tournament at Shooters

An eight-ball charity pool tournament for people over 65 will be held at the Logan Shooters Bar and Grill on Saturday, July 24th.

The entry fee is USD 30 per player. The event is limited to the first 32 players in a double elimination tournament. Half of the prize money goes to green fees and charity, the rest goes to the players. The doors open at 11 a.m. for practice and registration, with lunch, a player meeting and a draw at noon.

It is one of the Senior Games events and is carried out according to the official rules of the BCA (Billiard Congress of America).

Write to Dr. Paul Gerni at 765-919-9242 to confirm your entry.

Golf excursion in aid of Logan Berries FB, BB

On Saturday, July 31st, there will be a golf excursion at Logansport Golf Club for the benefit of Logansport football and basketball.

The excursion is a scamble tournament for four people. There are two flights at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. The cost is $ 200 per team. Lunch will be provided.

Contact Coach Schauss at or Coach Johnson at for more information.

The morning is going well against the heat

So far it has been a typical Indiana summer.

Although the temperature was at times in the high 80s, the humidity was even higher. It almost seems like it rains every day.

I always like to run in the early morning when the temperature has not yet risen to the highs of the day. A couple of times my run was accompanied by a light rain.

I avoid lightning and thunder. I recently read that lightning struck a car in China (driver survived) and struck a golf ball in the air on a driving range in Texas. So be careful out there!

No matter when you run, remember to drink. You may think you don’t need to drink water before, during, or after a run, but you do. This applies regardless of the season. We usually remember to drink when it’s hot. The medical experts tell us that we must always be hydrated at all times. And we have to do it when we work out in the gym too.

Even though a few races have been canceled this year, there are still many available for you to take part in.

Here are a few:

• August 7, Norris Insurance 5K; Start time 8 a.m., Converse, Ind.

• August 14th fish out of the water 5K; Start time 8:30 a.m., Highland Park Kokomo, Ind.

By the way, it was great to see some old friends at the 23rd Race for Grace on Saturday, July 10th.

Mark Shorter, On the Roads


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