Stanford prepares to reopen grounds to the public | news

  Stanford prepares to reopen grounds to the public |  news

After nine and a half months of tightly controlled access to its campus, Stanford University will once again allow the public to enjoy its outdoor spaces on Wednesday, June 16.

The lifting of the restrictions coincides with the reopening of the state today, Nov.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Stanford last September banned visitors unrelated to its academic programs from entering most of the campus, a sweeping restriction that university directors said was necessary to resume research and teaching in the fall quarter.

Access to the university’s designated “academic zones” – which included most of the campus area between Junipero Serra Boulevard and El Camino Real, including the quad, oval, Lake Lagunita and the university’s playing fields – was open admitted lecturers, staff and postdocs are limited and students.

The “Art District,” which includes the Rodin Sculpture Garden, Cantor Arts Center, Anderson Collection, Frost Amphitheater, and Bing Concert Hall, have also been closed to the public, as have areas east and west of the central campus that include the following include: student dormitories, academic and cultural institutions.

Community members were only allowed on the Campus Perimeter Trail and Campus Drive, Dish Hiking Trail, Arboretum, Sand Hill Fields, Stanford Golf Course, and Stanford Golf Course Learning Center and Driving Range. Visitors elsewhere on campus were asked to leave the campus by university security personnel.

“We really appreciate how the Stanford community and our neighbors have adapted to the campus zone program so that we can safely and gradually resume more personal teaching and research activities during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said the President of Stanford, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, in a statement last week.

“It is encouraging that public health conditions have improved to the point that we can now welcome more people back to our campus,” said Tessier-Lavigne.

The restoration of the development of open spaces is the latest stage in the reopening of the campus. Restrictions on the university’s arts district and athletics zone were lifted in April.

However, access to many indoor facilities will remain restricted after June 16 in order to maintain adequate health and safety precautions, the university said in a statement.

Main campus parking returns this week to enforce weekday rule for commuter and visitor parking. Most visitor places are enforced on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or according to the signs. Most commuter spaces are enforced between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m.

According to the announcement, hourly visitor parking permits will be available for purchase through the ParkMobile app or website.

Stanford Transportation will provide details on how to return to enforce weekday commuter and visitor parking, including links to purchase parking.

While the public has continued to use the Dish hiking trail since last fall, the one-way traffic flow established to ensure physical distancing ends on June 16. Hikers are not required to wear masks unless they cannot keep a distance of 1.8 m from one another and those from different households. People should keep staying to the right of the way unless they pass, the university advised.

As the drinking fountain is turned off by the dish, visitors are asked to bring their own water. Hikers should also avoid group gatherings and use the gate entrances according to the floor markings.

With regard to on-campus COVID-19 protocols, the university is continuing to evaluate evolving guidelines from Cal / OSHA (the state’s Department of Occupational Safety and Health), which will result in changes in face cover, physical distance and density requirements for the Campus could lead to community. Current university guidelines are available on the Health Alerts website.


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