The Australian man hopes to break the record for the most golf holes in a week

The Australian man hopes to break the record for the most golf holes in a week

An Australian has set course to break a world record some guys would like to try.

Mick McLoughlin wants to be the one who plays the most holes of golf in a single week.

The current record is pretty impressive and is around 2,000 holes set by Geno Bonnelli.

The Brisbane guy has worked hard and has been training for six months with the help of Trainer Quinten. How to prepare him for a hell of a week.

Part of his training was hitting 1,000 golf balls a day on the Golf Central driving range at Brisbane Airport.

The ability to hit a record like this is to stay cool, calm, and collected when a shot doesn’t go your way. It can sometimes take up to three to four hours for a group to go through a round of 18 on a normal day.

Photo credit: Golf Central BNE

If you could manage to polish four places in a single day (which in itself would be a mammoth task), you’d end up with 72 holes. Multiply that by seven and you’re still well below the world record of just 504.

That means the old buddy has to get up at dawn and plow through the holes long after sunset. Imagine getting stuck behind another golfer who refuses to let him play through.

While the record of the most golf holes in a week is a pretty decent title, Mr McLoughlin is also hoping to raise $ 250,000 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

He said, “To win the world title is one challenge, raising $ 250,000 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities South East Queensland is the other.

“They go together – and I call on Queensland companies and individuals who can dig deep and come on board. Backers can donate as little or as much, or they can offer to appear on the course during the challenge, a ball, and more.

“I called the current world record holder Geno Bonnelli and he said, ‘Although I don’t want to lose my world record title if I have to, I want to lose it to you by raising funds for the Ronald McDonald House’ – which makes me even more determined has made.”

Geno averaged 71,802 per round on a par 72 course when he set the record from June 27 to July 3, 2011 at the Lewiston Country Club in Lewiston, Idaho.

While supporting Mick’s record attempt, Mr Bonnelli said he would try to beat him if he succeeds.


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