The newbie goes mini golf in the New Bedford Area column

Seth Chitwood aka The Newbie enjoys a meal at Fathoms Bar & Grille in New Bedford.

Editor’s note: Seth Chitwood is the Standard Times’ new Special Project reporter trying to find his way around the South Coast.

This week’s adventure was a par-tee as I and two friends (also SouthCoast newbies) enjoyed mini golf near a famous SouthCoast spot, admired the spin of the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge (instead of waiting for it) ?) and tried ice cream on a huge bucket.

I was accompanied by two friends, Martine Assaf from Abington and Theresa Wilson from Easton. They were also relatively new to the SouthCoast scene and eager to travel.

So, grab your putter and do the “bogey woogie” because that’s what our adventure was about.

Fathoms Bar & Grill

I’ve waited three times for the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge since I started my Newbie Quests. So it was a nice change to sip a cocktail on the deck of Fathoms Bar & Grille and instead admire the spectacular views of the Acushnet River and the bridge that turns 90 degrees to let the boats pass.

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Fittingly, I drank Fathom’s signature drink: Stuck on the Bridge – a rum punch with Bacardi silver, Bacardi gold and Myers rum combined with orange and pineapple juice, topped with grenadine.

Fathom's signature drink is Stuck on the Bridge, a rum punch with Bacardi silver, Bacardi gold and Myers rum combined with orange and pineapple juice, topped with grenadine.

Fathom’s story

Owner Lars Vinjerud II says Fathom’s mission is to offer the freshest seafood, drinks and “exceptional culinary creations” while providing a fun, beautiful atmosphere in which to enjoy it all. And yes, I agree, the outside deck was a nice atmosphere. Aside from watching the bridge rotate, the views of the marina are spectacular.

Watch the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge spin from the deck of the Fathoms Grille & Bar.

For record, a fathom is a nautical term used to measure the depths of the ocean floor. One thread is six feet. For example, seafood lovers will enjoy a meal that is 40 fathoms deep.

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Vinjerud is a local fisherman who started out in Alaska when he was 15. He sailed his first fishing vessel, the Lisa Lynn, to New Bedford. Decades later, he now owns a fleet of boats that fish scallops, lobsters, crabs, tuna, swordfish, and more. In 2010 he opened Fathoms Bar & Grille.

Fathoms Bar & Grille served a delicious calamari, which was served with a delicious garlic tomato sauce and spicy banana peppers.

Assaf, Wilson, and I shared calamari that came with a delicious garlic tomato sauce and flavorful banana peppers. We loved it! I enjoyed the lobster bisque followed by the boneless chicken; Wilson loved the baked scallops and Assaf apparently chose the star dish: the seaweed salad with scallops.

Not only were the scallops perfectly cooked and seasoned, the wakame seaweed with sesame seeds and oil also complemented them perfectly. Assaf wins as the best choice of the day.

Martine Assaf has apparently chosen the star dish: the seaweed salad with scallops in Fathom's Bar & Grille.

Caddy hut

After enjoying our Fathom meal, we drove to Dartmouth for mini golf at the Caddy Shack. Well, when it comes to sports, it’s not my forte. As you may know, I recently went bowling at the Wonderbowl and got a pathetic score of 104.

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This round of mini golf was no different. I think I heard someone say, “Thank god you can write better than putt.”

Seth Chitwood aka The Newbie putt his ball at the Caddy Shack in North Dartmouth.

I mean how hard it can be – you aim at the hole and tap the ball. It’s not my fault the ball doesn’t want to go into the hole (oh, and it went in the hole once and then hit the court again back. Epic mistake.)

The Caddy Shack Hole-in-One Story

Caddy Shack is located in North Dartmouth on State Road across from historic Lincoln Park. I visited this landmark in a previous column. I noticed the Caddy Shack while I was there and added it to my newbie notes for a later column.

The Bumper Boats at the Caddy Shack in North Dartmouth.

Although the Chevy Chase / Bill Murray film “Caddyshack” came out years before Dartmouth’s Caddy Shack began, Eric Medeiros says the name has nothing to do with the film. Medeiros supports his mother Carol, who has owned the Caddy Shack since the death of Medeiros’ father Richard in 2013.

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Richard Medeiros was a Dartmouth police officer for 27 years. He also had a lobster boat equipped with 200 lobster traps.

“He was a beast, this guy. I miss him a lot every day, ”said Medeiros. “He was a simple hustler, he worked like a 1,000 hour week and he bought houses and sold them, bought land and sold it and did different things like that.”

The late owner of the Caddy Shack, Richard Medeiros, on his lobster boat.  He passed away in 2013.

Medeiros said his father participated in a foreclosure auction for Caddy Shack in 1993. He was the only bidder to offer the bank $ 125,000. The bank laughed at first, but accepted his offer a month later. Originally, Richard Medeiros wanted to convert the space into condominiums, but saw how busy mini golf was while on vacation in Florida, so he switched to a new plan.

The property started with a driving range, then a year later the mini golf course was added and shortly afterwards the bumper boats. About eight years later the beater cages and in 2005 the washing plant.

The mini golf course at the Caddy Shack in North Dartmouth.

“We’re always adding plants, pruning them. It’s a lot of maintenance, ”said Medeiros. “But we were very lucky with the virus that is affecting all of these businesses. We had a very busy year last year because now everyone is playing golf. “

Still a busy place

Medeiros said Caddy Shack had a record day this year with Father’s Day. While we were there, the place was full. Each activity had a line and there were probably 20 other groups with us on the mini golf course.

The golf course at the Caddy Shack in North Dartmouth.

This is definitely a family entertainment center for all ages. There is something for everyone and there is also a snack bar.

The course was fun and the round lasted about 45 minutes. We loved the atmosphere and enjoyed the “old school” retro feel. The only negative I can say was that a 6 year old was splashed in the face on a bumper boat while he was waiting by one of the holes – so watch out for that.

Seth Chitwood aka The Newbie tries to get a hole-in-one at Caddy Shack in North Dartmouth.

I’m not going to reveal who won the game … because I think something was wrong with my putter – it didn’t seem to let me throw the ball into the hole. I got a hole-in-one miraculously! But my bottom line was a dismal 59.

Oxford Creamery at the Bucket

Fifteen minutes down the street in South Dartmouth is the iconic Oxford Creamery At the Bucket in the Apponagansett Point Recreation Area and behind DNRT Knowles Reserve. We thought this was a great way to end the day.

Seth Chitwood aka The Newbie poses in front of the large Gulf Hill Dairy Ice Cream Bucket in South Dartmouth.

According to a previous Standard Times article by Curt Brown, the bucket was built in 1929, closed in the 1950s, and then reopened as Scoops Ice Cream until it closed again in the 1980s. The bucket was moved from the former Gulf Hill Dairy to Apponagansett Park in 2003.

In 2008, Oxford Creamery owners Ken and Liz Ackerman rented the space. Liz Ackerman is from Dartmouth and graduated from Dartmouth High School. She said the visit to the bucket would “bring fond memories to many adults who were there as children.”

Theresa Wilson (left) and Martine Assaf (right) enjoy ice cream at Oxford Creamery At the Bucket in South Dartmouth.

After my horrific game of mini golf, enjoying ice cream from a huge bucket was a wonderful reward. (Luckily there were no golf balls in sight.) I enjoyed a chocolate frappe, Assaf had the toasted coconut, and Wilson had a scoop of caramel and a scoop of birthday cake on a sugar bag. She said it tasted like a “chocolate surprise”.

The view was beautiful. They could see all the way to Apponagansett. The park was also as lively as the Caddy Shack with several people playing in the jungle gym, barbecuing, swimming, kayaking, or resting on the beach. The bucket also serves food.

The magnificent view of Apponagansett Point Recreation Area in Oxford Creamery At the Bucket in South Dartmouth.

We finished our ice cream and said goodbye.

And then I got stuck on the bridge. I mean it had to happen, right? After feeling great watching the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge and not having to wait – it was just that I got stuck on another bridge.

But it was more weird than frustrating to be honest. While waiting for the bridge to let A SAILBOAT go by, I thought about another fun adventure on the south coast. I got to experience three other places that I never knew existed – all unique in their own way and with fascinating stories behind them.

I am blessed to have this great opportunity to get to know the region and all it has to offer. This place always surprises me – the SouthCoast is really “tee-rific”.

Notes for newbies

… July 6th is national roast chicken day! Are there any places I should visit on the south coast?

… Has anyone seen my list of the 10 restaurants I can’t miss? I think I’ll try a couple of mussel stalls like Evelyns, Macrays or Flo. Are there any others I should add to my list?

… I was invited to visit some oyster farms on the south coast. I can’t wait for this adventure!

I’m the newcomer to New Bedford … and I want to see it all! Tell me where to go next weekend! Send a suggestion to

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