The places fill up in nine minutes for the CSRA golf summer camp

The places fill up in nine minutes for the CSRA golf summer camp

AUGUSTA, Georgia (WJBF) – The summer camps took a break in 2020, but now many are back in full swing. Especially the bearings on the links.

“Golf is just a good sport. I like it a lot, ”said Camper Baxter Cates.

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office works with schools in Burke County and First Tee Augusta to host a golf camp.

“It shows the importance of partnerships and the importance of reaching out to our children by giving them opportunities that might otherwise not exist,” said Sheriff Alfonzo Williams.

Lashunda Hall, Director of the First Tee Program, stated, “Our goal is to try to bring everyone closer to the game of golf.”

Williams says his office has recruited 60 children in his district to attend camp sessions in addition to the other campers. The places in both sessions of the two-week camp were filled in nine minutes!

“In connection with the application process, the Burke County’s school system and some of their teachers identified stunts that would take advantage of the opportunity,” Williams said.

“You make a lot of good friends here, as Baxter said. I like to play golf on the driving range, ”says Camper Samuel Lever.

The first session of the free golf camp in June at First Tee ended on Friday with a graduation ceremony.

“Many times in life, like hitting a golf ball, you have an opportunity to hit a shot or make a decision, and you have to live with any decision or the consequences that come with that shot. As with golf, once you hit the ball, you have to hit where it is, ”said Hall.

Williams added, “Teamwork and honesty, integrity and respect for one another. And giving them the opportunity to learn or improve the skills they have already acquired while learning the game of golf is a unique and remarkable opportunity. “

A total of 50 campers improved their turns during the first session and more are in sight.

Who is better of the two of you?

“I am,” said Cates.

Lever replied, “No, we are bound, we are bound.”

“No, I am,” said Cates.

Who can keep hitting the ball?

“I do,” said Cates.

Lever said, “He can hit it a little further.”

“No, much further,” added Cates.

The second session of the golf camp at First Tee starts next week and registration is closed. Sheriff Williams hopes to continue working with First Tee and Burke County’s schools to hold more.


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