The summer golf season is coming to an end

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Driving Ranges

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A slew of tees kicked off at the St. Joseph Country Club for the annual Labor Day golf tournament.

The Labor Day tournament marks the end of the summer season for the country club. Around 80 golfers competed against each other to end the season.

Local mid-amateur golfer Brad Nurski was one of the tournament’s competitors. Nurski said he was enjoying participating in the Labor Day Tournament, getting the opportunity to play with friends in a more relaxed setting, and seeing the progress the new owner of the St. Joseph Country Club is making.

“The golf course has done well. You had a really good turnout for the invitational tournament up here,” said Nurski. “The golf course is going great with the new owner and the new superintendent is doing a great job. We are very fortunate that Mr. Craig is taking care of the golf course up here and he’s really trying to get around the corner and things are doing it really good progress and it’s going to be an amazing place for the next two or three years. “

Steven Craig took over in autumn 2020. Nurski comments that the number of members has increased significantly in the short time under new ownership.

“We just got some more members because of Mr. Craig and the way he does things here. The food and drink side is better, the pool is better, but all in all the golf course is much better in general.” added Nurski.

Labor Day marks the last day of the pool. The pool is built in the off-season before reopening in the spring.

The driving range is also under construction.