Top Golf must pay $ 750,000 for overtime violation

Patch News

ATLANTA – Employees at two top golf locations are part of a group of workers the company is paying back for violating federal overtime laws, authorities said.

A US Department of Labor investigation found that top Gulf locations in 25 states failed to pay overtime when 255 employees worked more than 40 hours a week, in violation of the state’s Fair Labor Standards Act.

As a result of the company-wide investigation, the Dallas-based company was forced to pay these employees $ 750,063 in arrears, federal authorities said.

Eleven employees from the Alpharetta and West Midtown locations received the payout, reports WSB TV Channel 2 Action News.

The nationwide driving range company paid event sales managers and event sales consultants salaries plus commission, but did not pay these 255 employees the federally mandated overtime, labor department officials said. The workers did not meet the standard for supervisors who are exempt from overtime pay, federal investigators found.

“Employers cannot circumvent state overtime requirements by simply giving an employee the title of manager,” said Betty Campbell, regional administrator for Wage and Hour Southwest in Dallas. ‚ÄúThis case should serve as a clear warning and prompt other employers to review their wage practices. Employers who are unaware of their obligations should contact their local payroll office or visit our website for guidance on how to comply with federal law. “


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