Toptracer: high-tech help for all Farrington Park golfers

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Driving Ranges

Farrington Park Golf Club in Farrington Gurney has opened a new driving range with 14 bays, each bay with Toptracer technology.

Toptracer has changed the way we saw golf on TV and is doing the same for driving ranges around the world.

Technology once reserved for the top professionals is now affordable and accessible to all in Farrington Park.

A toptracer capable driving range has monitors in each bay that allow players to see exactly how far their ball is traveling, what the spin rate and accuracy are.

This information can then be recorded in a special app so that the person can record their strokes and the clubs used at the time.

In addition, the technology enables golfers to play any of the top courses in the world from their bay.

Golf journalist Rob Perkins tested the new Toptracer technology in the game.

He said, “I’m standing on the 18th tee looking at the great facade of the Royal and Ancient Headquarters in the distance in St. Andrews, preparing to hit my drive – but I’m not real.

“In fact, I’m testing the latest top tracer technology at Farrington Park Golf Club, which includes playing some of the world’s most famous golf courses.”


“Not only is the virtual golf course a fun pastime on the range, it will completely transform your workout and will likely help lower your score.

“As someone who spends significantly more time on the range than on the course, I know how boring practicing can be, but Toptracer ranges offer something completely different from what I’m used to.

“It’s not like reaching for your best driver and throwing fifty balls all over the range. It’s a workout with a purpose and I had an absolute pleasure doing St Andrews. “

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