WATCH: Potential sewage pollution worries golfers

by | Sep 25, 2021 | Driving Ranges

Golfers claim that sewage in Windsor Park has gone unattended for several years and has apparently worsened over the years.

Two golfers, Rob Hay of uMhlanga and Rob Cross of Durban North, told Northglen News that they are both concerned about the impact of oil spills on the environment.

“There are birds and other animals that drink water from this stream. Apart from that, it makes for an uncomfortable golfing experience. I’ve been playing golf here for eight years and the tide has worsened over the past two years, ”said Hay.

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A creek at the fifth hole, where sewage pollution is evident, empties into the uMngeni River, a river used for paddling and fishing.

Sewage that flows into the creek near the fifth hole.

“People eat this fish. I also believe that industrial waste ends up in the river, ”said Cross, who has played golf on the course for 30 years.

When golfers approach the fifth hole, the stench is unbearable. A golfer who hit his ball in the creek chose not to remove it because he could see (and smell) that the river was polluted.

At this point, Hay and Cross don’t know where the sewage might be coming from, but they say there is a pumping station near the train station.

“We see toilet paper scattered everywhere. You can even see it flowing down the drain. One thing is certain. this burial has become more constant, ”said Hay.

Plastic bottles, styrofoam and other household items at the bottom of the stream.

Both golfers agreed that the Windsor Park Golf Course is a beautiful course and reflects nature well.

They say such a spill damages the image of the course and the gaming experience as golfers have to cross the fifth hole twice in the first set of nine holes.

Delani Sangweni, who has been the golf park’s general manager for the past six years, said he had reported wastewater pollution to the eThekwini community several times in the past three years.

“A city official comes regularly to check the golf course’s maintenance. I informed them of this, but nothing has been done so far.

The wastewater appears to be coming from somewhere near the railway line, but the pollution is now so bad that it is now difficult to locate the source, ”said Sangweni.

Delani Sangweni, the general supervisor of the golf park, near another spill that was created on the driving range.

He added that the driving range at the entrance to Windsor Park Golf Course had also spilled, but he wasn’t sure if it was sewage or not.

“About two months ago, a small area on the driving range began to collect water. To me it looks like water is leaking somewhere and most days it smells pretty bad. My main concern is that these issues will put players off, ”he said.

“On average, around 30 players visit the golf course every day, and on a busy weekend we see around 120 golfers a day. If this problem is not resolved soon, it will have a negative impact on our numbers, ”said Sangweni.

Comment was requested from the eThekwini community, but there was none at the time of publication.

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