Well done Bucknell! | opinion

  Well done Bucknell!  |  opinion

Bucknell University recently received approval for a 4,576 panel solar farm in Lewisburg. Originally planned as a connection to the Bucknell Golf Course and the driving range, the solar system will now be placed in a less conspicuous place. Neighbors support this project with enthusiasm and sincerely appreciate the change of location.

This decision enables an important, renewable energy system and at the same time minimizes the impact on a really beautiful green open space. Lewisburg has very few parks and they are all very small. Fortunately, all parts of the golf course are open to the public – links, driving range and the beautiful, newly remodeled dining room and bar. There are also lessons and summer camps for children. This change of location will also preserve the habitat for bees and butterflies on the driving range. Of the cities fortunate enough to have an urban golf course, some use tax dollars to cover operating costs. All the maintenance of our course is done by the university, which in return does not receive a property tax refund.

Bucknell has an impressive history of civic contributions. As of 2007, Bucknell proposed the Lewisburg Core Community Initiative, a downtown revitalization plan that required a total investment of $ 26 million, $ 12.5 million from the state, about $ 5.6 million from Bucknell and the The remainder from federal grants included. Notable projects included the 1941 Campus Theater restoration, $ 2.75 million; Renovation of the historic 1931 Lewisburg Post and Courthouse and $ 10.5 million renovation of the Barnes and Nobel site. For the past few years without a pandemic, Barnes & Noble generated $ 70,000 annually in county and local taxes. Also impressive is the restoration of the DeWitt Building, which now houses the Small Business Development Center, retail space and a satellite gallery to the Samek Art Museum in Bucknell Buck

How happy we are that Bucknell is supporting these important city projects that benefit not only BU students but all Union Counties. Both the golf course and the solar park definitely enrich our community. Yes … well done Bucknell!

Tina Morris,



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