Each year, approximately 456 million rounds of golf are played in the United States and approximately two million newbies attempt to learn the basics of golf. If you want to be among the millions who enjoy the sport, do your research on the best golf shoes for beginners, the best golf equipment brands, and the best golf clubs for 2021.

For beginners, it is important to have the right equipment to bring out your best game. If you’re struggling to find the right ones, take a look at celebrity golfers and learn about choosing their equipment from clothing to sports equipment.

USA HURLEY POLO Photo: fairwayandgreene.com

BARUFFA MERINO QUARTER ZIP WIND VEST Photo: fairwayandgreene.com

Donald Trump was spotted wearing the USA Hurley Polo paired with a Baruffa Italian Merino wind vest. The former president’s golfing habits have been criticized during his tenure in the Oval Office. Now he has more time for his beloved sport. The USA Hurley Polo has a classic solid piqué polo design. The yarn-dyed jersey knit comes with a multidirectional stretch that gives aspiring players the flexibility they need for a powerful shot. The wind vest is a great addition if you play in cooler weather conditions, thanks to 100% Italian merino wool material from Baruffa.

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When he’s not in the studio making future hits or serving us some hardcore dance moves, Justin Timberlake is on the fairway working on his stroke. The singer is even known for having amazing golf clothes that make people wonder where he got his clothes from. An alternative to one of his usual brown pants is the Ultimate 365 Classic Pants from Addidas, which are made of stretchy material and are water-repellent so that they fit comfortably anywhere.

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Steph Curry not only hits his punches on the pitch. He is also an avid golfer who played at the Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe earlier this year. If you are looking for a polo that is best for players 6 feet and older, check out this Greg polo, which is made from high quality Peruvian prima cotton and offers a very comfortable fit with frequent use. Despite its material, the polo is machine washable.


The versatile Hollywood actor is known for preparing and doing justice to any character assignment. Outside of the cameras, thanks to his training schedule, he can play 18 holes in less than an hour. Mark has seen rock polos that resemble the USA Tournament Solid Tech Polo, which comes in seven colors. It is made from 94% moisture-wicking polyester and 6% elastane and offers a smooth, yet flexible fit.


The NFL MVP recently made headlines for its golfing activities after defeating Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in The Match 2021. If you know what it feels like to play like a pro, then this HEAT.RDY micro-stripe polo shirt is a great choice for those who want to stay cool, especially during the hot rounds on the court. The polo maximizes airflow as the foundation for player comfort so you can easily focus on your punches and pars rather than the heat.

How can anyone forget when Jason Derulo “knocked out” Will Smith’s teeth during a golf prank? The movie star can be seen at every game with polo shirts that are similar to the USA Golf polo shirt from Addidas. The USA line is a dedication to all US golfers who play on the international stage. The polo is made of light piqué knit that makes every swing and movement when playing through the holes more natural.

The greatest basketball player of all time never hid his passion for golf. In fact, ‘Air Jordan’ even has its own private golf course known as The Grove XXIII, where it is reportedly tailored to Jordan’s stroke and style of play. As for clothing, he wore polos like the USA Double Diamond Print Jersey polo, which is made from a moisture-wicking polyester and elastane-stretch blend. It comes with a 2-button bar and is cross-stitched to take gaming comfort to a new level.

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Little Known Trivia: When Jake Owen graduated from high school, he originally wanted to play golf at Florida State University in hopes of making it into the professional golf leagues. However, injuries put his golf career on hold. As for its preference, the Draddy Sports Blair resembles its Under Armor outfit thanks to its super soft and quick drying French terry knit that gives it a soft and stretchy draw, ideal for long laps.


Macklemore loves golf so much that he even developed his own line of golf apparel. In an interview he even said: “If I play golf, I might as well be the prettiest guy on the course!” His taste in golf apparel is similar to that of Fairway & Greene’s USA Double Diamond Polo, which is available in Shade, Baltic and Marine. The item has a matte finish that gives players a dry feel when swinging.

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Clint Eastwood is many things: an incredibly good actor, director and owner of the Tehama Golf Club, which is one of the most expensive golf clubs. Fortunately, golf doesn’t have to come at the A-list price. You can play like Clint by wearing a similar go-to polo shirt that he always wears when he plays. The breathable polo is made of recycled materials and feels like cotton. If you are looking for a polo that will keep you fresh through 18 holes this is it.


Bill Murray took his love of golf to the next level by making an entire series called “The Links Life,” in which we see Bill play on some of the best golf courses in the country. For those interested, Bill’s golf and travel documentation can be seen on YouTube. You can see it in a variant like the Baruffa Merino Wind Sweater, which is windproof and made from 100% polyester and yarn spun in Italy, which makes it light and super warm to wear.

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Former Cowboys QB Tony Romo returned to professional golf last April and is eager to advance to the big leagues soon. If you’re a fan of Tony he regularly wears royal blue polos. The Draddy Sport Ryan Polo has a classic, clean look made of incredibly lightweight material that gives you the unique weight and comfort of the signature Draddy polo shirts.