A look at the newest addition to the Macklemore | golf apparel line Golf equipment: clubs, balls, bags

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Golf Apparel

Macklemore released a new collection of eye-catching golf clothing this week under the Bogey Boy brand that holds onto its vintage golf vision with retro designs, old-school bowling shirt silhouettes and unique graphics. Here’s a look at Bogey Boy’s first fall collection, which is expected to be more expected later this year.

Every piece in the Bogey Boy line launched in March is carefully designed by Macklemore himself. While his career has been in music, his fashion instinct and expertise are top notch. Obsessed with the outfits found in archival golf magazines, the 38-year-old Seattle resident searches thrift stores for inspiration on design, craftsmanship, and attitude for each collection. He’s not unlikely to be pursuing old Golf Digest topics that he bought in stacks on eBay.

The latest line includes four new golf shirts with eye-catching styling, six short-sleeved tops with buttons, a t-shirt collection and a handful of matching accessories. From cherry motifs to deer and big cats graphics, the collection is full of fashionable looks that should be popular with extravagant golfers and non-golfers alike.