Adidas honors Adam Sandler’s “Happy Gilmore” with fantastic golf apparel

Adidas honors Adam Sandler's

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1996 cult film Happy Gilmore – and later iconic Adam Sandler fashion – Adidas and Extra Butter have teamed up to create a collection that is suitable for both golf and streetwear. The capsule, officially licensed by Universal, contains both on- and off-course products that embody the personalities of the three main characters of the film Chubbs, Shooter and Happy.

“25 years ago a fictional character named Happy Gilmore broke the mold of what it means to be a golfer and we wanted to celebrate this with a unique collaboration and collection,” said Ankur Amin, co-founder and CEO of Extra Butter in a press release. “Golf is getting younger and younger and is breaking away from its reputation as a ‘dad’s game’ as the youth culture embraces the sport. We wanted to be part of this shift, bring our style to the sport and have fun with this project. “

Inspired by Grandpa’s Golf Fit – Taking current streetwear trends into account, Extra Butter has given the traditional golf aesthetic a contemporary flair. As a tribute to Chubbs Peterson, Happy’s golf mentor, EB and Adidas have integrated classic golf styles such as pastel and argyle into polos, pleated pants, shorts and a tech anorak that uses Adidas’ Primeknit and Warpknit technology for light, comfortable stretch -Production used.

Each Chubbs garment is embellished with embroidery reminiscent of his iconic “It’s All In The Hips” line. Details like alligator skin and wood grain continue to honor the character and are reminiscent of that “damn alligator” that bit off Chubbs’ hand. The Chubbs-themed items are rounded off by a pair of lightweight Adidas ZG21 spike golf shoes that now feature a bone white upper with brogue inserts and vintage-inspired fringed kilties.

Bringing golf to the streets – Adidas and EB, the transition from retro to upscale streetwear, have also dedicated a few pieces to legendary shooter McGavin, Happy’s archenemy. As a tribute to the gold jacket that McGavin never received (but wanted so badly), an Adicross bomber jacket features an extra butter crest inspired by the “Pro Golfers Tour Championship” as well as classic Adidas stripes and an individually woven collar and cuffs.

The same gold motif can be seen on the Shooter Ultraboost 1.0 sneaker, which has been upgraded with plush suede, gold-stained Primeknit and an imprint of the famous “Shooter” hand gesture that makes the figure throughout the film. Based on the film, the insoles feature a sublimated graphic, while the webbing over the striped cage can stow three golf tees – or other green necessities. Shooter’s honorary products include a visor and hat, both of which bear the character’s logo.

To get to Happy Gilmore’s character – adopting a style almost identical to Adam Sandler’s real fashion – EB and Adidas have translated their loose t-shirts and jerseys into an enviable streetwear capsule. The collection with the anniversary branding includes graphic t-shirts, cozy jogging pants and a cool bag that is perfect for catching a cold after (or during) laps. Adopting a style preferred by Gilmore and Sandler, the capsule also includes an Adidas Adilette Boost Slide that features a green felt footbed with brogue accents and more anniversary branding.

Golf equipment to win gold jackets – Of course, golf is not just about clothes, it’s about your equipment. To complete the collection, Extra Butter has partnered with Phat Scooters, Seamus Golf, Vice Golf and Asher Golf to create golf accessories that will give you as powerful a swing as Happys.

Two bespoke electric golf scooters from Phat Scooters can at least help you save energy. Equipped with a luggage rack, a cooling compartment and an adjoining Rockford Fosgate subwoofer, the scooters have a whimsical all-over print that references Happy Gilmore for true fans – others can showcase shooters in a more classic gold and marine design with leather trimmed seats.

Extra butter

Seamus Golf ensures that your clubs look good with individually printed Happy Gilmore headcovers and a classic Sunday golf bag inspired by Happy. To channel the character’s iconic swing, consumers can also purchase a bespoke leather golf glove from Asher Golf, inspired by Happy’s favorite hockey team, the Boston Bruins.

The whole thing is rounded off – in the truest sense of the word – by tailor-made Pro Plus Gold golf balls from Vice Golf. No matter where you are on your golf trip – on the green, in the clubhouse or with an after-golf drink – you can watch one of the best golf films of all time.

Extra butter

Are you game – One of the campaign models may sound familiar – To celebrate Happy Gilmore’s 25th anniversary, Christopher McDonald repeated his role as the legendary shooter McGavin. Short films promoting the collection will not only see McGavin’s character, but other iconic athletes like professional hockey star PK Subban, golf influencer Roger Steele and trick shot artist Tania Tare.

Consumers will be able to view the clips and the full collection on Extra Butter’s website when the kit launches on June 25th. Those who live in New York can also browse the capsule at EB retail stores. Will you try


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