Asha Rangappa, a former FBI agent, explains the key similarities between hitting a golf club and shooting a gun Golf news and tour information

by | Dec 11, 2021 | Golf Apparel

It is easy to think of breathing, meditation, and relaxation as techniques that can help golfers hit strokes on the course. But according to Asha Rangappa, guest this week at Henni & Hally Can’t Quit Golf, these exercises are also beneficial when shooting a real target with a real weapon.

Rangappa does it all: She’s a lawyer, CNN analyst, and lecturer at Yale University’s Jackson Institute. But perhaps her coolest career moment was her five years as an FBI defense agent. In addition to her impressive résumé, Rangappa managed to learn golf on the go thanks to a Connecticut Bar Association golf clinic that piqued her interest in the game.

Rangappa’s passion for golf has led her to find parallels between her FBI background and the game we all love, and it all starts with mental strength. When we were learning how to shoot a gun at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, the technique was strikingly similar to the way we prepare for a golf swing.

“You have to focus on the gun sight, not the target. It’s kind of counter-intuitive in that regard. And you have to be very gentle too. They call it “pressing the shutter button”. In other words, if you try to ‘pull’ everything will go wrong, ”said Rangappa of her training. “When you swing the club it’s almost like having to let it happen. There’s a Zen quality – at some point you have to let go of the result and trust it when you’re doing the mechanics and not trying to control [everything] and tense up, you will actually be more precise. “

According to Rangappa, there is a mental distance involved in shooting a gun, just like there is in taking a good shot on the golf course. Muscle memory and self-confidence will lead you to success.

In addition to Rangappa’s FBI training, hosts Henni Koyack and Hally Leadbetter chat with her about the addicting qualities of golf, her ability to balance many professional commitments, and the urgent need for modern women’s golf apparel.