Austin companies hit hole-in-one with new Tito-inspired golf apparel

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Golf Apparel

If you’re the type of golfer who gets endless pleasure from Caddyshack and enjoys hitting the sauce as much as hitting the links, Titos’ new line of golf apparel may be perfect for you.

Popular Austin vodka brand Titos Handmade Vodka is partnering with William Murray Golf, the Austin-based golf apparel brand inspired by legendary prankster Bill Murray and his brothers, to launch a collaborative golf apparel line called Tito’s X William Murray Golf .

The new clothing line with three signature shirt styles was created for golfers who enjoy a relaxed approach to golf and life by day. “

The brand aims to add a little more personality to golf, which according to the National Golf Foundation brought 3 million new golfers to the game of golf in 2020, representing a 14 percent increase in the game of golf.

“Golf has become cross-generational and accessible, making it more enjoyable for everyone. It’s less about the score and more about experience, as technical skill is no longer a prerequisite for playing. Golf is now moving beyond the green and becoming more of a lifestyle, ”said Brandon Barrett, Co-Founder and President of William Murray Golf. “William Murray Golf is about storytelling and we are excited to be working together on this collection to tell the unique story of Tito’s craftsmanship, quality and endless possibilities.”

Each part of the new collection consists of moisture-wicking four-way stretch material and sun protection technology. Items include:

  • Tito’s X William Murray Recipe for Success button-down shirt, $ 85, a lightweight button-down shirt that pays tribute to both brands with illustrations of golf balls and putters, as well as pot stills, glassware, and the original Tito’s Isuzu Trooper.

  • Tito’s X William Murray Texas Icons $ 85 men’s golf polo with branded logos, Lone Star State silhouettes, longhorns, and full cocktails. The color scheme also represents Austin with a mix of burnt orange, black, and white.

  • Tito’s X William Murray Texas Icons Women’s Golf Polo Tank, $ 75, a lightweight, sleeveless polo with illustrations similar to the men’s polo shirt. It is specially designed to complement a warm day on the court with a chilled Tito’s cocktail in hand.

Titos’ clothing line X William Murray is available online at and from Love, Tito’s retail store in downtown Austin. Buyers can choose one of four charitable organizations when checking out – American Farmland Trust, Emancipet, Team Rubicon or World Central Kitchen – with Titos donating all net proceeds from the purchase to that chosen organization.

“Whether you’re a scratch golfer or a handicap of 25, we all agree that having a Tito’s cocktail with your friends on the course will make a better round,” said Frank Polley, Vice President of Trade Marketing at Titos. “As we expand Tito’s golf program, William Murray Golf is the golf course partner we’ve always dreamed of. Similar interests, same sense of humor, and we don’t take each other too seriously. If one brand needs a mulligan, the other won’t judge for another swing. After all, we play the best ball. “