Fashion-conscious golf clothing continues to become the standard

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Kenny flowers

Kenny Flowers reflects the festive nature of golf and offers matching golf shirts for men and women in unique prints. | Photos courtesy of Kenny Flowers

Golf clothing gets an upgrade. After years of standard polos and skirts, Kenny flowers, Calliope Golf and Renwick contribute to redesigning golf clothing with stylish, sporty and comfortable collections.

With the COVID-19 pandemic ending almost everything in 2020, golf was one of the few sports that could still be played safely. This realization led to an influx of new players and breathed new life into golf apparel.

Kenny Flowers – an upscale tropical clothing and lifestyle brand that brings a fresh twist to Hawaiian shirts, resort looks and swimwear for men and women – recently launched a trendy collection for men and women on the golf course.

“Golf started as a major socially distant activity in 2020 and I realized that Kenny Flowers could fill a void in the golf apparel industry by launching the first line of high quality matching golf shirts for men and women,” said Kenny Haisfield, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Kenny Flowers. “As a brand known for unique prints that make a statement – and that embodies the holiday feeling – we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to feel fresh on the fairway as well.”

The new line from Kenny Flowers includes stylish patterns, unique prints and colorful options. The Twilight Special is black with white palm trees, The Birdies of Paradise with colorful parrots and The Leopards of Leisure with fresh coconuts. The golf apparel line is currently available online for $ 88 per polo.

The shirts also have the very first integrated tea holder, environmentally friendly recycled fabric, coconut buttons, UPF 40+ as well as odor-inhibiting, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, antimicrobial and wrinkle-free properties.

“When shopping for golf shirts, it’s important to have versatility for any golf course or weather,” said Haisfield. “KF polos have a fun, upscale feel with athletic stretch so that you always stay at the top of your game. They are also made from sustainable materials and are as stylish as anything on the market.

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Calliope Golf

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Calliope Golf is designed for the modern golfer, offering upgrades to traditional pieces with stylish details as well as updated colors and patterns. | Photos courtesy Calliope Golf of Rachel French Photography

Calliope Golf, a Spokane, Washington fashion brand dedicated to the modern golfer, brings golf apparel to the fore with details like edgy leather, sporty-chic vibes and pretty pink patterns. To put it simply, Calliope Golf, like Kenny Flowers, mixes function with fashion.

“The change was relatively constant in the run-up to the pandemic, but I think we’ll see more newcomers to the golf apparel space after the pandemic as the sport continues to develop and grow,” said Calliope Golf CEO Cassy Isaaks. “More and more companies are recognizing the need to make golf clothing for women trendier and more fashionable. I think we’ll see a lot of really great trends in women’s golf fashion over the next few years. “

With a new target group of golfers, the result is clothing with newer cuts and fits as well as more technical fabrics with dynamic stretch and UV protection. Isaacs said women on the course want to be best dressed and want anything that is not out of date.

“Women are tired of wearing the same golf polos and horrific patterns that have stayed in women’s golf for years,” said Isaacs. “They want new, trendier designs and better fits. We want to look good on the golf course, just as we want to look good on a date. “

Calliope Golf offers belt bags, slim skirts in five different styles and medallions for a ball marker. The pieces cost $ 32 to $ 72.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to create products that are both stylish and functional,” said Isaacs. “We take a golf-leisure approach and try our best to develop products that women can wear or use both on and off the golf course – skirts and skorts with functional pockets, classic and urban polos that fit and flatter , and unique accessories such as magnetic locket bracelets and golf-specific belt pouches that contain all the essentials for women. “

Renwick, a Bedford, NY, golf apparel brand founded by sister entrepreneur duo Sarah and Pippa Renwick, was inspired by their mother and father’s 1970s collar golf polos, with the brand offering upscale classics for on and off the course. The collection ranges from sleeveless T-shirts to shirts and dresses with collars and is made from 100 percent Peruvian cotton.

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The Renwick brand was started by sisters Sarah and Pippa Renwick, who took inspiration from their parents’ collared golf polo shirts from the 1970s. | Photos by Sarah and Pippa Renwick

“Starting a brand like Renwick has long been a dream of ours as the niche affects not only us, but also our mother and other friends and family,” said the Renwick sisters. “We are happy that the sport is making a comeback and that so many more women are playing. Renwick is for women, by women, and we want our collection to focus on and that’s what women actually need and want in their golf and sportswear. “

The brand’s short-sleeved polo in eight color variants was only recently launched, but has already become a hit. The casual fit, the three-button placket, the breast pocket, the cap sleeves and the shirt hem complement each other perfectly for an on-fleek look.

“We started a mission about four months ago to offer women a new range of golf apparel to wear on and off the course,” said the sisters. “The [Short Sleeve Polo] offers a sense of timelessness and sense to women who lead the lifestyle they travel in and goes well with anything. “

The pandemic was also an opportunity for designers and brands to step back and create new styles and colors to make their products stand out. The new demand has led to more sales and growth.

“Many courses have had a record number of rounds and a record number of first-time golfers, especially women,” said Isaacs. “This has been a huge boost for the sport and is likely to help keep the game growing for years to come. The hope is that the women who tried it during the pandemic will continue to be part of the game and make it grow over the years.


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