Fun, funky and inclusive, Oahu Golf Apparel renews the meaning of style

Fun, funky and inclusive, Oahu Golf Apparel renews the meaning of style

Think of the typical golfer. Now think about what he or she is wearing. Probably a very simple, homogeneous outfit came to mind. Golf traditionally doesn’t have a good reputation, but a Hawaiian golf apparel company sends the days of argyle sweaters and shapeless pants a long way off. With the supportive voices of Clay Guida, Shane Victorino and George Lopez behind them Oahu golf apparel, these fresh designs spread one floral print at a time.

What it takes to be an inclusive brand

A new generation of golfers is emerging who love the sport but find clothing less inspiring. Often times, the golf apparel available follows the same basic “recipe”. Tear off the label and there is nothing special or distinguishable about individual brands. Another constraint is placed on budding and existing golfers on clothing size, as many brands only offer their clothing in standard sizes – customers are charged extra for larger sizes – a practice that founder Tim Hazelgrove does not do well. Oahu Golf Apparel (OGA) tries to keep the same cost across the board, regardless of shirt size, and is committed to bringing the joy of golf to more people.

“I want to make products that fit everyone. There is a whole demographics from 3X to 6X. I’ll even make a 7X that no one in the golf industry is going for. Now on the other hand with kids, I actually price it at an affordable price and we’re selling our kids polo, which is exactly the same fabric and manufacturing as the adult polo. ”

Mr. Hazelgrove shared some insight that what sets OGA apart from other brands is that, besides being Hawaiian, golf apparel is a treasured keepsake. Each design is unique and authentically Hawaiian.

It’s a topic of conversation, it’s a conversation for many years or many months. I always feel like we’re the only authentic golf brand that uses floral patterns. There are other brands that are very similar to us. But they don’t custom make it. So what sets us apart from them is that we design every pattern we make. I feel like the small brands are really, really influencing the big brands because they are all doing floral designs now. ”

Pay it up front

Having been involved in the Tournament of Champions in Maui for a number of years, it was no surprise when the request came to design equipment for the players.

The request delighted Tim, who wanted to show his appreciation to one of the most overlooked participants in the sport: caddies.

“I told them, hey, let’s make hats for the caddies and all of their kids and their whole family. And we have leftovers that can go to the players too… Honestly, I’d like to speak out to all the caddies out there who got us to this point because they’re the ones who are usually forgotten, ”Tim shared.

Sony Open

For the third year in a row, OGA spent their afternoon donating free goods during the Sony Open finals. Share his motivations Hawaii news nowsaid Mr. Hazelgrove that it is all about giving back.

“You have to give something back… People have to give something back, so many people are about receiving, so my business partner and I have brought down our children and if you teach them to give back at a young age, they become great people. “

About Oahu golf apparel

Founded in 2016, OGA is a dynamic and modern apparel company that pushes the boundaries of traditional golf brands and strikes back the ideological boundaries that define golf apparel. OGA has come a long way in just a few years and has been endorsed by many notable names including Kolten Wong and George Lopez.

Firmly believing that golf should be accessible to people from all walks of life, Oahu Golf Apparel uses their eye-catching designs and fresh patterns, inspired by the Hawaiian landscape, to create a unique platform that is slowly changing the perception of a “conventional golfer” ” should be.

Transformative threads

Tina Knowles once said: “I believe in the power of great clothes. It can inspire confidence, beauty, and a sense of glamor. ”The way we dress affects not only how we feel about ourselves, but also how others are perceived.

Think again about the typical golfer. Now imagine the same golfer in an inspiring floral print. What would you prefer?


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