Golf Gift Guide, Fall 2021: Apparel and sunglasses on the course dominate the best products to buy this season

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Golf Apparel


It is autumn. Maybe the only season. And with autumn comes perfect golf weather and the opportunity to escape the oppressive summer heat and get back on the course. I am definitely looking forward to the end of September and the eternal October days, which are some of my most beautiful golf memories.

I have some new gear for those of you who hit the road (or even stay indoors!) When the weather changes and the calendar tips. First and foremost clothes, but also some gadgets and other little things that I think you will enjoy on your golf escapades after the summer. Let’s get started with our fall 2021 golf gift guide right away.

Lululemon Bowline Shorts ($ 78): I legally wore them half the summer. They’re perfect for golfing, perfect for working from home, perfect for pretty much anything. These are the most comfortable, versatile shorts I’ve ever worn and I can’t recommend them to anyone. I’ve tried other Lululemon gear and this is my favorite product I’ve tested so far. Can’t recommend it more warmly!


Nike Essential Horizon Sunglasses ($ 99): These glasses are versatile and sharp. Light enough to carry while playing, but also good looking enough to carry away from the court. I really enjoyed wearing mine by the pool this summer and will continue to be happy to wear mine to class this fall.


Bushnell Wingman Speakers ($ 150): Bushnell makes really good quality products, and you can’t get enough of them at home. My kids (really) use them for audiobooks, and I like to take them with me, either to class or even in the home office. Bonus points here as this shows you distances in holes via GPS while you play a round.


Cloos x Brady Sunglasses ($ 189): These glasses are heavier and more suitable for off-class wear where I’ve been wearing them. They’re really spicy, however, and my wife and kids love them for the same reason: Tom Brady wears, endorses, and writes his name on them. I like them because they look great and I also like how heavy they are, which is directly related to how high-quality they feel.


Lululemon Evolution Polo ($ 88- $ 98): Again great things here from Lululemon. This is high quality material but is lightweight and looks great with anything. I had never really seen a lot of lululemon stuff outside of training gear, but their golf apparel game is strong and I highly recommend it.