Happy Gilmore receives Adidas golf apparel collection for the 25th anniversary of the film

Happy Gilmore receives Adidas golf apparel collection for the 25th anniversary of the film

Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore receives a clothing collection for the 25th anniversary of the film in a collaboration between Adidas and Extra Butter.

In honor of Adam Sandler’s 25th anniversary Happy Gilmore, Adidas partnered with Extra Butter to bring out a clothing line in honor of the film. Happy Gilmore continues to air on multiple channels despite his 25th birthday as it has been popular with fans over the years. In addition to the apparel release, rumors of a possible sequel have surfaced, but Sandler claims that a Happy Gilmore sequel was not discussed.

The film tells the story of Happy, a man who wants nothing more than to play hockey, only to discover that his stroke gives him a powerful drive on the golf course. To raise money for his grandmother’s house, Happy joins the golf circus and quickly climbs the ranks. His rapid rise is questioned and despised by many, including professional golfer shooter McGavin, played by Christopher McDonald, who is actively working to get Happy off the tour. Happy Gilmore is one of Sandler’s strongest films, with scenes like his fight with The Price is Right host and shooter who claims to be eating “germs for breakfast” and keeps the audience bursting with laughter.

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Adidas and Extra Butter have teamed up to create a clothing line in honor of the popular film’s 25th anniversary. Michael Ehrlich, a Global Brand Marketing Executive, has uploaded pictures of the collection to Twitter, showing gloves, khakis, a hat and a bright yellow jacket, all adorned with finger guns. This, of course, is a nod to McGavin, who often “shoots” her after scooping a shot. The entire collection is worn by McDonald himself, and his picture can also be seen in the left shoe. Check out the collection below:

The collection is perfect for anyone who enjoys golf, is obsessed with movies, or both. Fans of the sport continue to draw parallels between him and Sandler’s film, including Sandler cheering on a caddy at the Masters who appeared to be the likeness of a caddy used in his film. The collection underlines the influence of the film on the sport and gives the fans a reason to break the bargain and swing for themselves.

The special Happy Gilmore collection will be released on June 25th on extrabutter.com. The collection also includes some peaked caps, jackets and shorts, as well as polos with Happy and Chubbs Peterson. Any fan of the movies or frequent patrons of the greens should be able to find something they love. As fans of Happy Gilmore keep sharing the things they love about the movie on new platforms, like a Happy Gilmore Easter Egg from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, it won’t be long before this Sandler masterpiece finds its way into every niche market Has. Unlike Barker when he worked with Happy, the price isn’t wrong here.

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Source: Michael Ehrlich

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