How Pins & Aces Golf Co. brings fun and ingenuity to the golf course


Photo courtesy Pins & Aces Golf Co. / Thomas Herd

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A key trait that makes you an entrepreneur is seeing a business opportunity where others with a less keen eye cannot see it. It seems that little, if anything, can revive a sport as ancient as golf, known as the sport of the rich, where tradition reigns and emotions are subdued.

However, a company brings a breath of fresh air and fun to the cozy pastime of the centuries-old gentlemen. Or what was it like that? Because golf is becoming more democratic and younger as a new section of the population joins the sport.

Meet: Pins & Aces Golf Co.

Nick Mertz, founder of Pins & Aces, a devoted golfer and e-commerce entrepreneur, while searching for golf club head covers, discovered a void in their golf accessories department. No matter where he looked, he couldn’t find anything amusing or unique. Instead, what the market had to offer was boring and unimaginative, with no trace of the uniqueness of a golfer.

So Pins & Aces stepped in to offer high-quality and uniquely designed club headgear with original motifs such as a beer can or a boxing glove or even a state flag and many other unorthodox and inspiring designs. No wonder the products have received a warm welcome since their launch in 2018 and are popular with amateur golfers and even professionals.

Thanks to Pins & Aces, golfers can express themselves with more freedom and ingenuity. From headgear, the company diversified into the manufacture of golf apparel, which includes polos, hats, gloves, belts, sweaters and more. In the accessories department, Pins & Aces offers golf bags, towels and, among other things, the funniest ball markers on the market – Samoa Cookie and Pimento Cheese Sandwich are just two examples of other no less amusing markers. In recognition of the brand’s growing awareness, Rafael Campos, a Puerto Rican golfer, will play Pins & Aces polo at this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

Additionally, Pins & Aces recently partnered with Bud Light thanks to their enthusiastic approach to golf and their impressive fan base. Among other golf products inspired by Bud Light that the partnership will bring to market is a practical beer sleeve that golfers can use to store up to seven cans of beer and slip them into a golf bag without being noticed. This is just another example of a fun and practical gadget that Pins & Aces has up its sleeve.

To learn more about what the company has in store for golfers of all ages, visit their website or visit Instagram.


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