Is Callaway Golf Co (ELY) a stock to watch out for after falling -4.78% this week?

Is Callaway Golf Co (ELY) a Stock to Watch After Losing -4.78% This Week?

Overall market sentiment has recently deteriorated for Callaway Golf Co (ELY) stock. ELY receives a bearish rating from InvestorsObserver’s Stock Sentiment Indicator.

Callaway Golf Co has bearish sentiment. Find out what that means for you and get the rest of the leaderboards on ELY!

What is stock vote?

When it comes to investing, sentiment generally means whether or not a particular security is popular with investors. It’s usually a fairly short-term metric that relies entirely on technical analysis. That means it has nothing to do with the health or profitability of the underlying business.

Recent trends are a good indicator of current market sentiment. In their simplest form, stocks that are rising are desirable to investors, while stocks that are currently falling must be unattractive.

InvestorsObserver’s Sentimental Indicator tracks both price and volume changes to analyze the latest trends. Typically, an increase in volume indicates that ongoing trends are getting stronger, while a decrease in volume usually indicates an end to the current trend.

Available options can also represent current sentiments for a particular stock. Since investors can bet on future stock trends with options, we consider the ratio of calls to puts when analyzing market sentiment.

What will happen to the ELY share today?

Callaway Golf Co (ELY) stock trades at $ 32.86 at 9:48 a.m. on Monday, June 21, up $ 0.96, or 3.01%, from its previous closing price of 31.90 USD equivalent. The stock traded between $ 32.03 and $ 32.88 today. The volume is low today. So far, 256,709 shares have been traded, compared to an average volume of 3,767,050 shares.

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More about Callaway Golf Co

Callaway Golf Co manufactures golf clubs. It operates in two segments: Golf Equipment and Apparel, Equipment and Other. The golf equipment segment manufactures golf balls and golf clubs, which include woods, irons and putters. The Apparel, Gear & Other segment produces golf clothing, shoes, golf bags, golf gloves, headgear and exercise aids as well as tops, bottoms and outerwear. Some of its brands are Odyssey, OGIO, TravisMathew and Jack Wolfskin. Its geographic segments are the United States, Europe, Japan, and the rest of the world.

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