J Lindeberg RY midlayer review

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Golf Apparel

In this J Lindeberg RY Mid Layer Review, Joel Tadman wears it on the court for several laps under various conditions to put it through its paces

J Lindeberg RY midlayer review

We tested this new quarter-zip top on the Burghley Park Golf Club course over several laps in different temperatures and conditions.

J Lindeberg RY mid-layer tests

How tall am I / how am I built?
6 feet 2 “, so relatively tall and slim.

What do I usually wear – is it big / small?
I often travel between medium and large with midlayers and jackets and in size large this came marginally to the large side, but only by a fraction. We are confident that a medium would have been too small. It is available in sizes S-XXL.

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How did it fit / feel / performance?
The first thing you notice about this top when you first put it on is how soft, light and stretchy it is.

Thanks to the almost felt-like fabric on the underside of the torso area, it still offers a decent amount of additional warmth, which is surprising in view of the overall thin middle layer. This also means that you can easily combine it with a warmer layer if necessary.

J Lindeberg RY mid layer sleeves

It won’t keep the elements at bay on tough winter outings, but it’s an ideal option on milder days when a polo shirt won’t be enough.

That most redeeming feature of the middle class is how stretchy the material is. There is an incredible amount of compliance when swinging, which means that your freedom of movement is not compromised in any way.

Did you notice any additional details?
The different pattern on the arm to the torso enhances the styling as well as the logo on the lower sleeve and the shaped collar – which ensures that it does not come into contact with the neck and disturb the swing. It also means you can pull the zipper all the way up without it getting caught.

J Lindeberg RY mid layer collar

The cuffs could be tighter – they’re a little too open, but then you have the option of pulling them onto your forearm if it’s more convenient.

Can you wear it outside of class?
While it doesn’t look like a golf-specific top per se, there seem to be limited off-course situations where it would be appropriate – but that depends a lot on the individual.

What does it look like after washing / do you have to iron it?
You can iron it at a low temperature, although our experience so far shows that it is relatively crease-resistant. You can also tumble dry it on a low temperature if you want.

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A stylish, light mid-layer that offers a warming element required on mild days as well as extreme stretch for maximum freedom of movement and comfort. Has a pleasing blend of the subtle design features you’d expect from JL that set you apart from more traditional golf apparel brands on the course.