Kenny Flowers debuts golf apparel sub-brand

Kenny Flowers debuts golf apparel sub-brand

Kenny Haisfield and his wife Christina Vidal wear matching Kenny Flowers golf polos

Christina Vidal

Kenny Flowers, a direct-to-consumer resort wear company known for its colorful Hawaiian prints and his and her swimwear, has delved into golf apparel and launched its new Country Club sub-brand with nine designs for men and women Women beefed up. The inaugural collection has a sun-kissed island vacation vibe with fresh tropical polo patterns with electrifying blue fronds and pink flamingos hanging ten on surfboards.


The jazzy aesthetic is clearly aimed at golfers looking to escape onto lush and beautifully manicured fairways far away – most likely just a wedge stroke from the beach. With COVID exiting and pent-up vacation demand fully unleashed, the brand expansion feels impeccable, but golf has always been part of Kenny Flowers’ long-term game plan.

“I grew up with the game and loved every aspect – the camaraderie and the fun side. I played as often as I could with my dad and my best friends, ”says founder Kenny Haisfield.

In his glory days, Haisfield played with a handicap of 5, good enough to earn a spot on his high school team in Niwot, Colorado, just outside of Boulder. But when he took the cross-country trip to UNC-Chapel Hill to college, he left his clubs behind and left golf while doing his double degree in Economics and Global Relations. After graduating, he took a consulting job at IBM before he decided to leave the company puzzle, go into business for himself and found Kenny Flowers in 2015.

Running a business can have an impact on your golf game, and Haisfield’s handling of the green may be a little rusty, but his interest in golf has never been so great. It was awakened again when he accompanied his then fiancé and current wife Christina Vidal, who runs the luxury travel blog Jetset Christina, on her globetrotter adventures.

“We would go to all of these places that have all of these beautiful courses. For me, golf is such a natural integration into a vacation. You can wake up, play an early game, and then be by the pool for lunch, ”says Haisfield.

“We have traveled to Mexico quite a lot over the past two years and have found that our friends, people who have never played golf before, are starting to organize a golf trip for couples, or at least take a round of them when they are in one place like Cabo were, ”he adds.

The four-way stretch golf polo pants made of spandex and polyester are made in Portugal from recycled fabrics and have some unique details. As with all Kenny Flowers shirts, the buttons are made of coconuts and not plastic and the shirts are also equipped with the “first integrated tea holder” in the front strip. Sure, some golfers characterize this added convenience as the solution to a problem they didn’t even know they had, but fishing one out of your pants in a pinch can sometimes be a hassle, and it’s an added convenience, a fresh one To have tea within reach.

“When you have t-shirts in your pocket, they sometimes hit the leg, and I even have cut shorts,” says Haisfield of the catalyst for innovation. The concept is a riff on the sunglasses loop located in the front pocket of most Kenny Flowers shirts to keep the sunglasses safe and close at hand, which have become one of the brand’s signature design elements.


Group of golfers in Kenny Flowers golf attire

Kenny flowers

Viral loft

As with most D2C clothing brands, digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest plays a central role in customer acquisition for KF. But unplanned viral events, such as when Jimmy Buffett donned one of her shirts during his concert tour in the summer of 2018, led to seismic peaks in demand. While 95-99% of Kenny Flowers’ business comes from online sales, they are worn by a few select boutiques and hotel stores, and the music icon accidentally snatched one of her shirts off a shelf in a Palm Beach store.

“It was a really monumental moment, not just for us and our ego, but for our customers and everyone who supported us from the start. It was as affirmative, like a real blue check mark. People said, “Wow, Jimmy Buffett wears a Kenny Flowers shirt when he’s on stage and takes people to Margaritaville,” and he wore it like ten shows in a row, “says Haisfield.


Last year Kenny Flowers did it again, this time making her own fortune by sending Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy a wild leopard print cabana getup. The marketing ploy paid off well when El Presidente wore the wild outfit during one of his pizza reviews and sales soared.

One viral promotional moment has yet to be reported since the golf line launched, but with the brand’s track record, it’s only a matter of time. Haisfield mentioned that it would be really cool if someone like Steph Curry or Justin Timberlake rock one of KF’s new looks on the golf course, so maybe he has something up his sleeve.


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