Kymira Golf Apparel Review – Groundbreaking Golf Apparel

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Golf Apparel

Kymira Golf Apparel Review – We’re taking a round to evaluate the performance of this tech-packed golf shirt and midlayer

Kymira golf apparel review

The human body wastes a lot of energy, but Kymira Golf has found a way to use this waste and convert it into infrared.

KYnergy infrared embedded fabrics contain specially developed fibers that contain carefully selected natural minerals. Infrared is reflected back to the wearer and penetrates about 4 cm, causing a variety of biological reactions, all of which can have a positive effect on your performance on and off the golf course.

kymira golf clothing

Many golfers do not think of potential performance benefits when buying golf apparel, but Kymira products were developed in a research laboratory and are very different from the golf shirts one might find on the main street.

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It’s hard to imagine a shirt penetrating your muscles, but this is the process powered by KYnergy infrared technology and is responsible for a multitude of positive effects, namely pain relief, injury prevention, and recovery.

For golfers who are carried away by combat, especially those with lower back pain, this is welcome news. In fact, wearers have reported reductions in aches and pains both during and after their rounds.

In addition, its products have been shown to reduce the incidence of soft tissue injuries. According to the brand, golfers can “prime the muscles with nitric oxide” by wearing their products for years before teeing off.


Also, do not rush to take off your golf equipment. With Kymira, his products support the recovery process best when they are worn before, during and especially after training. Do this and the benefits are increased blood flow, increased tissue oxygenation, improved repair, and pain relief.

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The result of this is that you are ready to play another 18 holes, and maybe another 18 holes the next day. Golf is a lot more fun when you play without all of these ailments, so maybe you should try “playing a K,” as the brand likes to say.

We tried the Mock Turtle (90 €), a modern version of the golf shirt, and the Royal Blue 1/4 Zip Midlayer, which we thought was particularly stylish. Both were soft and stretchy, but also came out pretty tight in our usual size, so you should maybe go a size or two larger than you’re used to, although the fit is supposed to be pretty tight, taking full advantage of the technology.

There are also base layers (tops and bottoms) and socks in the range, so you can theoretically create a Kymira outfit that fits from head to toe.


Golf is a small profit game and golfers struggling with persistent problems should consider trying out Kymira golf apparel. As the range expands, there will be more options to build a wardrobe that can help you play with less pain.