Macklemore has created a line of golf apparel that pushes the boundaries of style on the course | Golf equipment: clubs, balls, bags

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Golf Apparel

Grammy winner Macklemore caught the golf bug badly. He discovered the game on a whim a little over two years ago and has since participated in two AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am events, lowered his handicap to a cool 11, and recently launched a golf apparel line called Bogey Boys.

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The idea for the line arose from his experience of rummaging through the offers of pro shops and the uninspired clothing and accessories available. The first season of the Bogey Boys started at the end of February with eye-catching pieces that whet the appetite for a clichéd comment about Macklemore’s time in the thrift store.

Inspired by the vintage golf style, Macklemore flipped through archival copies of Golf Digest he found on eBay to create a mood board for the line.

“I’ve always loved old school golf … even before I even got into the sport,” said Macklemore. “As [golfers] donned in the 1970s and 80s … those outfits were fire compared to what is on the PGA tour or in an everyday pro shop. “

The 37-year-old Seattle native recorded the game in Hawaii and admits he cannot remember whether he was dressed appropriately for his first round. It wasn’t until he returned to the Pacific Northwest that he began to think critically about his clothes on the track, and even then, waterproofing and insulation took precedence over style.

“I had just got a taste of the Beetle in Hawaii, but when I returned to Seattle in December I was in Gore-Tex, boots, hoodies and lots of fleece,” said Macklemore. “It wasn’t until the spring that I thought, ‘Yo, none of these places sell interesting clothes.” ”

He understands that his line – which includes tartan prints, 1950s-inspired cardigans, and lots of bright colors – is not for everyone, but he hopes to provide new and existing golfers with new opportunities to expand on what it is means “looking like a” golfer. “

“Bogey Boys brings a sense of style that the game has lacked for many years,” said Macklemore. “It doesn’t seem like a lot of these big companies put a lot of energy into the style component of the clothes they design, and Bogey Boys is the opposite.”

The collection includes a mix of technical and fashion-oriented pieces that can easily top the style charts on the golf course as well as on the catwalk. Layering options include a lightweight windbreaker with zip-off sleeves, a mid-weight tartan jacket with an eye-catching gold zip, and two cardigans designed with both heavy weight and a heavy dose of vibrant vintage styling in mind. First and foremost, he stays with a light blue, green and pink color scheme for pieces that go well together or on their own.

“And these are absolutely made for golf,” repeats Macklemore. “But with creativity, originality and a flair, you will not find it anywhere else.”