Macklemore’s Bogey Boys golf brand opens flagship store in Seattle

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Golf Apparel

Macklemore opened the flagship store for its Bogey Boys golf apparel line on September 18th … [+] space offers the brand’s latest collections along with a 1,500 square meter putting green at street level. As a nod to the memory of his youth, the Goose Magees Vintage Mall, a thrift store, will occupy the lowest level.

Jordan Nicholson

When the rapper became an avid golfer, Macklemore decided to make a passionate project a reality with the introduction of Bogey boys, was his intention to promote golf as well by inspiring more people to play. By developing an eye-catching clothing line that resonated with golfers looking to stand out on the course, Bogey Boys has also established itself as a lifestyle brand as the 7 month old company continues to expand.

Since premiering their first debut collection in February, the response and energy the brand has created and sustained has exceeded even the Grammy-winning artist’s initial expectations. Bogey Boys recently partnered with Nordstrom to showcase their products in two Seattle locations and opened on Jan.

The new store, which will now be open at least until the end of the year, will present the latest Bogey Boys collections along with a 1,500 square meter putting green at street level. As a nod to the memory of his youth, the Goose Magees Vintage Mall, a vintage thrift store, will occupy the lower level and provide a glimpse into the past for the newer generation.

I met with Macklemore to talk about opening his flagship store in his hometown of Seattle, his entrepreneurial journey to that point, and developing the brand from here.

Can you describe the whirlwind the last six months have been to you when you launched the brand, partnered with Nordstrom, and now opened a flagship store in your hometown?

If you’d told me nine months ago that we were selling out two Nordstroms and opening a flagship store in Seattle, I wouldn’t have believed you. It was amazing. It’s crazy to start something, to put all that energy, money and time into it and you have no idea what it’s going to do. I had no idea who Bogey Boys would resonate with. Since we relegated in February, the response has been amazing. I feel like we’re building a community of people who really love what the brand is doing and who understand the vision behind it. That has always been the most important thing for me. I don’t want to just spend a short moment here, we’re building a sustainable brand. I want to build with people who want to look good on a golf course, who want to promote the game, who are like-minded and who love the sport and the way we dress. The golf era of the 70-80s is the inspiration for the brand, but we also want to bring people together.

Did you get the chance to sit down and really think about opening your own flagship store when this started out as a passion project for you?

There were definitely a few moments. It was a bit stressful too. Earlier this week I had the opportunity to write down a few things and stood in front of the shop front. I had a friend who stopped by to take a look at the room. He looked at it and said, “It’s dope.” We talked and when we left he looked at it again and said, “Man, this is amazing what you’ve built and it inspires me, and now I have all these new ideas.” He told me how he got ideas in his head, how we actually implemented them, what inspired him. This is creativity and this leap. I think there is so much fear of starting something new. I had it and I still have it. Now that the store has opened, it’s just a great feeling.

Starting a new business is a challenge. I’m going to sit out there with this place and that’s the exciting thing. Get out of my comfort zone, do something that has never been done before, take a place in the neighborhood I grew up in; this is something special. Having bogey boys upstairs and the Goose Magees Vintage Mall downstairs, all under one roof? For me this is an amazing dream that actually came true.

“Having bogey boys upstairs and the Goose Magees Vintage Mall downstairs, all under the same … [+] Roof? For me it’s an amazing dream that actually came true. “

Jordan Nicholson

Her love for vintage clothing is well known. Why was it important to you to incorporate the Goose Magees Vintage Mall into the store and explain what customers can expect?

We wanted to do golf simulators in the basement first and I’m glad we didn’t. For one, when we started the simulator idea, a really stupid company called Five Iron announced that they had just rented the building up the street and were doing simulators, so I knew it wasn’t supposed to be. It was actually my friend Nick Beeba who came up with the idea of ​​adding the vintage mall. When he said it, it made so much sense. As much as I love a golf simulator, Capitol Hill is originally a very diverse and eclectic place. That is the origin and it is important to keep those roots. I think this is now a space for artists and creatives. It’s not just a golf company, it’s design, music, and community too. Down at Vintage, these are the people who dig and look for treasure; you can keep it and wear it or turn it over. That’s what I’m talking about with Capitol Hill. I think when I see it all come together I definitely have a moment with it.

In February you said this was not a flash in the pan and when you look at how far you have come in such a short amount of time, how big do you think this brand can get if you keep expanding as a company? ?

To be completely honest, I think we can continue to grow and become something really big. I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I saw the vision of it. I’ve seen the vision from the start. I say this with humility, but if I hadn’t seen the vision I wouldn’t have tried from the jump. I think this is something that will continue to grow.

Macklemore opened on Saturday the 18th. … [+] Capitol Hill in Seattle

Jordan Nicholson

They’ll be performing at the Seattle Seahawks’ home opening on Sunday right after the store opens. How excited are you about it and about just making live music again?

It’s going to be strange. I should probably be excited because I haven’t seriously rapped on stage in a year and a half, but it’s going to be great. It’s going to be a crazy weekend, but that’s what it’s about when the world starts to open up and fans can get together and celebrate the Seahawks. Plus, it’s the same weekend as the store opening – it’s definitely great.

I saw you at the BMW Championships a few weeks ago to get some golf tips from Sergio Garcia and some other pros. What is it like to learn from the best in the game and do you have any feedback from them on Bogey Boys?

Getting tips from them is amazing. Sergio was so cool. He helped me with repute and gave me some great swing tips. He told me, “You’re aiming too far to the left.” He definitely helped me on the 18 hole trip we had. When we first launched bogey boys, I thought we need to send this gear to all of these top golfers. Lots of us follow each other on Instagram, and I’ve gotten everyone’s addresses and sent them a few boxes. They thanked them privately, but not publicly on Instagram (laughs). I realized that none of them could say anything or ever wear the product because of their sponsorship deals. The pros have praised the stuff very much, but no one can rock it. I’ve had some good off-the-record convos as players love it and certainly respect it.

“Since we dropped out in February, the response has been amazing,” said Macklemore. “I have a feeling we are … [+] to build a community of people who really love what the brand does and understand the vision behind it. “

Jordan Nicholson

What have you taught in the last seven months about starting a new company and do you see parallels between this golf project and making music that moves people?

This process of the bogey boys was a repeated lesson in patience and acceptance. We manufacture in the age of COVID. Timelines are moved back; Things don’t happen as planned, this piece may not quite fit, so we have to go back to the drawing board. There are many late nights of grinding. All of these things have parallels with music. I recently spoke to my wife about the store and thought about how cool it all is. Speaking of my wife, she plays such a big role in everything I do. She has an amazing eye and attention to detail and is absolutely a huge part of the Bogey Boys team. She has always been an integral part of everything I do. Now that we have three children, one is still a toddler and she’s still in the shop, painting and moving boxes. She is a rider from the start.

One thing about music, and as much as I love the space of designing and creating clothes, it will never compare to the spirit of making music. Music speaks to the soul. You can make things, sew fabrics, make clothes and there is absolutely soul and spirit in that. But in terms of what connects you to the universe – you can call it God or whatever moves you. When the music flows through you and the pen starts to move, or you stand on stage in front of thousands of people, that’s something special that I’ve never experienced in terms of creativity. That just can’t be duplicated.