Oahu Golf Apparel is setting a new trend for equality brands

Oahu Golf Apparel is setting a new trend for equality brands

  • A recent study shows that golf has one of the biggest differences in prize money between men and women
  • Altruistic Golf Company aims to overcome the social and economic inequalities in the golf industry
  • In a market dominated by Ralph Lauren, Nike, Adidas and Puma, the Oahu brand has developed a unique value proposition and opted for inclusivity

A recent study by the BBC found that the golf pay gap is one of the largest in any sport. Unsurprisingly, this is reflected in the sponsorships these athletes can receive due to the relevant commercial elements and capital employed, and generally means that female golfers are significantly underrepresented.

A niche brand that competes against industry giants like Ralph Lauren, Nike, Adidas and Puma has set out to challenge convention by narrowing the gap between men and women in golf: Oahu Golf Apparel (OGA) is a standout golf apparel company that Was founded in 2016. After a recent interview with the founders, we’ll share their recent achievements and draw some valuable lessons that other brands can learn from their strategy and culture.

A unique mission: to give back

Oahu’s unique mission of “giving back” to the golf community has been driven by a variety of innovative programs and corporate initiatives; This includes the OGA’s apparent ability to spread their “aloha” spirit through their regular social media posts – documenting the changes they have made, their monthly donations to the Junior Golf Program and their free golf apparel giveaways every year at the Sony Open.

The altruistic brand’s innovative designs, Hawaiian prints, and corporate ethos have resulted in its being quickly recognized as an industry leader by a variety of industry stars and companies – including American professional golfer Christina Kim, star comedian George Lopez, and even the Pound-for-pound boxing king from Mexico, Guadalajara, Canelo Saul Alvarez.

A brand for equal opportunities: supporting women in golf

Equality brands are those who resist conventional trends and stand for the right thing for the future. It’s just as important today as having sustainable brands. In the case of Oahu Golf Apparel, this respected brand strives to ensure that one day the sport of golf becomes accessible to individuals of all social, racial, and gender demographics. In doing so, they appear to have proactively identified the current gender gaps in the golf industry and begun to address them.

Tim Hazelgrove – the founder of OGA, is a passionate advocate of helping women in sport and as a result has made sure that his extensive initiatives address the sponsorship inequality gap mentioned above by making the same clothing available for everyone.

In fact, the same logic applies to the brand’s clothing sizes. Traditionally, all golf clothing is limited to size 2XL. Hazelgrove has pointed out that this essentially means that those who need something over 2XL (3,4,5 & 6XL) are arguably discriminated against. Pragmatically, it is extremely difficult to find quality sizes above 2XL, and even if they are found, they generally come at a high price. Oahu has taken a different approach, offering products up to 7XL at exactly the same price as those under 2XL.

“I don’t believe in punishing people for their weight” – Tim Hazelgrove, founder and CEO of Oahu Golf Apparel.

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Spreading Aloha Energy

The company’s designs are said to be inspired by Hawaii’s own breathtaking landscapes. As a result, each design is unique and bespoke, and a variety of the brand’s offerings are posted on an exclusive one-time basis – allowing prospective buyers to acquire future collectibles while securing eye-catching golf apparel to “feel and do their best”. ” during their golf sessions and competitions.

Tim hopes his innovative approach to golf will attract young children from all walks of life and encourage them to either pursue the sport for work or as a hobby. This is important to Tim, as his experience has shown that golf can be an excellent tool for: a) encouraging friendships to grow; and b) instilling integrity, honesty, and respect from a relatively young age by teaching children a variety of learning curves offers overcome in a competitive yet controlled atmosphere

Final words: A family brand

Finally, it should be noted that the brand’s “inclusive” programs mentioned above, targeting people of all genders, backgrounds, and sizes, have led some of their supporters to refer to it as a “family brand”.

This is because every single family member – regardless of age or size difference – can easily wear the same sportswear while enjoying a great day of golf.

” We’re from Hawaii; You can get chocolates or macadamia nuts, but when you eat them, those are gone. If you get a polo or hat from us, it could be in the same price range, but it will keep you a strong talking point for years to come. ” – Tim Hazelgrove, Founder and CEO of Oahu Golf Apparel.


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