Pins & Aces: The golf clothing and accessories for the modern golfer

Made from high quality material, Pins & Aces has emerged as an industry leader in the golf accessory space

Made from high quality materials, Pins & Aces has grown to become an industry leader in golf accessories. Photo courtesy Pins & Aces / Thomas Herd

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Golf has been known as an exclusive country club sport since its inception over 400 years ago. A pastime that costs money just to play, golf is often associated with privileges and formalities.

But as younger generations begin to embrace the game, a new demographics of golfers has emerged in recent years known as everyday golfers who enjoy playing and maybe enjoying a few drinks on the course.

And with the development of this new group of golfers comes a new way of looking at the game of golf accessories and equipment made for the modern golfer of today. Introduction of Pins & Aces Golf Co.

Pins & Aces was developed in 2018 and was inspired by the founder’s search for interesting and unique head covers for golf clubs. An e-commerce entrepreneur and businessman, Pins & Aces founder Nick Mertz, who is also an avid golfer, noticed a void in the golf accessories industry.

After researching the market, Mertz was unimpressed by the standard, generic options on the market and Pins & Aces was born. Made from high quality materials, Pins & Aces has grown to become an industry leader in golf accessories. With fun and unique designs that golfers of all skill levels and ages love, the brand has even earned recognition from some professionals. As the world prepares for the Tokyo Olympics this year, Puerto Rican golfer Rafael Campos wears Pins & Aces polo shirts.

But what sets Pins & Aces apart from the rest of the golf world is its designs. With headcovers in the form of a beer can or maybe a boxing glove or something fuzzy or maybe a speckled donut design, the brand underlines the fun of golf and gives every golfer the opportunity to express themselves in a game that has the stigma of boring and dry. While they only started out with headwear, the brand has since expanded to include apparel like polos, hats, belts, gloves, and more. Their line of accessories has also grown, offering golf bags, towels, ball stamps and probably the most unique, diverse and fun selection of ball markers a golfer has ever seen.

The brand’s fun, satirical take on golf has recently given them the opportunity to partner with Bud Light to design and create Bud Light-inspired golf gear, including an ingenious beer case – a slim case that holds seven cans of beer and is discreet fits in a golf bag. Since it is common for many golfers to enjoy a few colds on the course, Pins & Aces appeals to consumers directly with trendy, useful and funny products.

To learn more about the brand, visit the Pins & Aces website or follow them on Instagram.


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