PXG Partners With Nick Jonas For First Golf Apparel Collaboration

by | Oct 26, 2022 | Golf Apparel

Nick Jonas has partnered with PXG to create a limited-edition line of golf clothing and accessories. … [+]


Nick Jonas fell in love with golf during his teen years, discovering it to be “the perfect pre-show activity” as the global pop icon visited different cities while on tour with his older brothers. Today, all three Jonas brothers live in different parts of the country, but golf still brings them together on occasion – with Scottsdale National, the exclusive Arizona private club owned by PXG founder Bob Parsons, as their home base.

And now, Nick Jonas has teamed with PXG for the brand’s first-ever apparel collaboration. After working closely with Renee Parsons, the President and Executive Creator of PXG Apparel, and her team, the artist, actor and self-proclaimed golf nut is unveiling a modern, golf-inspired fashion lineup that ranges from hats and bags to socks, slides, shirts and pants.

“When I was invited to join Scottsdale National and got to know the Parsons, I fell in love with this place they’ve created,” Jonas said. “It’s the culture of the club itself, but also the (golf) clubs and the apparel. I dreamed for a while that I’d be able to do something with them on the apparel side. Once we all spoke about it and talked about the vision behind it, it was the perfect fit. I’m certainly hooked on golf and even more so now that I’ve got this great capsule coming out with PXG. I’m really excited for the world to see it.”

The co-branded PXG and NIck Jonas golf hats.


The limited-edition collection, which will be available starting next month at PXG’s website and in the brand’s standalone stores, includes 15 apparel styles and nine accessories.

“It’s a really interesting time in golf, with what I think was a huge wave of (newer) golfers over the last couple of years who love the game,” said Jonas. “To build a capsule with a person that is not a professional golfer is incredibly bold and disruptive on the part of PXG. I really love and respect that they were down to do this because I really think it speaks to the evolution of this game and that so many people come to love it.

“It’s not about being the very best golfer in the world,” he added. “It’s about getting out there, having a great time, building great experiences with people. With that in mind, we approached the design from the same lens and angle – that is that this should be a brand built for people who love the game but also love fashion and love the functionality of a piece that can be worn to the course, to a date, to work, to the gym, whatever your speed is.”

The PXG x NJ collection includes apparel and accessories, from hats and bags to shirts, pants, socks … [+] and slides.


Although slightly more trend-driven than some of the company’s other offerings, the PXG x NJ collection still features highly technical golf apparel. And Jonas was very involved throughout the creative process, Renee Parsons said, with input on materials, fabrics and colorways, not to mention more specific ideas ranging from details on a polo sleeve or outerwear pieces and logo development.

In addition to being creative, thoughtful and passionate about golf, the 30-year-old Jonas will help boost PXG brand’s visibility with a wider range of golfers. And more people, in general.

“That was a big part of what was exciting for us,” said Parsons. “We really wanted to push the PXG brand forward; I always say I’d love to be part of the cultural conversation, whether it be current trends in fashion, pop culture, what’s happening on social media, and in the younger demographics too. This collaboration with Nick helps hits a lot of those points. He’s not necessarily known within golf, though he is very passionate about golf.

“He has more than 33 million followers on Instagram and we know they are different in large part to our current demo, and we find that interesting. We want to push the brand out to more people. Golf in general has been trying to do this – to reach more people, to be more inclusive, to be more approachable and less intimidating. Having someone like Nick Jonas in this space with us helps us do that.”

Nick Jonas is mixing two of his passions — golf and fashion — in his partnership with PXG.


Parsons suggested it might be the first of a number of similar collaborations for PXG, which has seen the apparel side of its business grow about 40% year-over-year as industry-wide momentum remains strong during golf’s Covid era. And for PXG, their growth trajectory is only amplified by the opening of other new PXG-branded store locations. The latest opening happens to be in Paramus, New Jersey, the state in which Jonas was born, and to further celebrate the PXG x NJ collection, PXG is also hosting a nearby pop-up event in New York City on Nov. 15. At that time, they’ll recreate the clubhouse experience at Scottsdale National.

“It’s like this wonderful coming full circle thing for him, with golf and fashion being in New York City,” Parsons said. “We’re so excited.”

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